Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Life of Yours Truly, Dog Girl Deluxe

In the morning,

New plants bend, praying.

The sun arrives early,

Peering over the tabletop of land

Like a child.

Under my skin,

is My Love, sleeping.

She has the fox-eyes.

She drops things,

They fall at her feet.

In my life,

I am a dog in the land of a thousand cats.

I spin and bark.

I move this one or that one,

But I cannot herd them all.

In this moment,

I am gathering my wits.

I am sweet on My Love.

I am watchful for cats.

Under the shady hedge,

That is me,

With one eye closed, floating away,

And the other always open,

Collecting things

For me to chew over.


I hope you have all forgiven me for yesterday's shameless hoax. LOL!

FYI, I am having issues signing in to Blogger.  I cannot comment as Fireblossom on blogs which have the comments-under-the-post format. :-(

This post is dedicated to Bosco. My dogs have taught me everything I know that has been worth knowing. They are geniuses in fur suits.



Sioux said...

I love the idea of one eye closed...and floating away.

Yes, my dogs (and sometimes my cats) are wonderful teachers. If we all lived life like a dog, our world problems would disappear...

Daryl said...

Herding cats ... ah .. yes ... another hoax ;-)

hedgewitch said...

A view from a dog's eye would probably tell us a lot about ourselves, if we could get that all-forgiving, single-minded stare and make it work for us. I love the image of the sun "..peering over the tabletop of land/like a child..." and the last two stanzas especially.

Helen said...

Stanza three ... is like peering into the very depth of your soul. (not in a weird way)

TALON said...

I've been having issues commenting on my own blog and on others. It's sporadic (and completely annoying).

I loved the feel of this, Shay. It had a dreamy quality that juxtaposed the alertness beautifully.

ellen abbott said...

Well, mine gives you a new page but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt anyway.

Brian Miller said...

arf arf...i like to chew on things....

how is pups?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I so love this one. Especially the image of the sun peering over the tabletop of land like a child....sigh. That is perfection! And I love "I am a dog in the land of cats"......and the one eye open, the other drifting away. It is always fantastically enjoyable reading your work, Shay. Dogs do teach us everything worth knowing, especially about love. I miss my boy this morning.

Claudia said...

dogs indeed are geniuses in fur suits and you're a genius with a pen in hand

Lynn said...

That was a hoax? What? :)

Mama Zen said...

I agree with Talon; this has a lovely, dreamy feel. The third stanza is pure brilliance.

jen revved said...

Mischief-maker-- love this. Would also love your take on a review I posted. Hard to write-- very very hard. Brave of me, though.

I liked these lines especially--

In this moment,

I am gathering my wits.

I am sweet on My Love.

I am watchful for cats.

ayala said...

I agree with Talon and Mama Zen. Thanks so much for reaching out. I appreciate the sentiment.

Raven said...

Beautiful! I'm more of a cat person, mainly cuz you don't have to walk a cat, and I tend to be lazy.

Everyone is saying they are having trouble with blogger, but I haven't had any problems. Hmmm..

You are forgiven. ;)

HermanTurnip said...

What's up with Blogger choking on itself recently? First it completely went south due to "buggy code" (uh huh, oookay), now commenting is having issues.

And two days ago my account somehow became "unusable". Had to reset the password then got completely locked out. Fixed it, but couldn't comment on Blogger posts.

This can mean only one thing: "Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!"

mac said...

The comment thing is going around. I think it's a blogger thing.

I like this one, lots. It's dog gone good !

Ann Grenier said...

"I move this one or that one but can't herd them all": like those words, they could refer to anything we might be wary of I think.

I like the font you use on the blog, comforting and somehow enticing, the informality makes me think of an antique shop, the kind where things are not perfectly ordered with the treasured items already identified and highly priced in the front window, but where one might discover a hidden treasure under something else. I love those places. (While I'm at it, I love The Runaway Bunny---those surprise shapes---and colors!)

Cloudia said...

so poetic and uniquely Shay!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




gabrielle said...

Under my skin,
is my love, sleeping

yet another beautiful love poem...