Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fortune Cookie Say, "Shut Mouth, Make Friends!"

(for K, in her suffering. I feel ya, girlfriend!)

The woman who speaks in fortune cookies
Lives thirty feet from the madhouse door,
Behind a yard heavily forested
With spinning flowers and kitschy decor.

(No matter what happens,
Rely on trite maxims!)

"It will be a restful day!"
To the person on the pyre.

"Excitement comes your way!"
To the human torch fleeing the factory fire.

Armageddon brings tiresome mottoes--
Easy generic meaningless shit--
Rote repetitious rot not burdened
With the tiniest most infinitesimal wit.

The woman who speaks in fortune cookies
Stuffs a lifetime of thoughts inside of a cracker;
Just one more vacuous sophomoric saying
May cause me to lose control and attack her!


"Poems are the packing peanuts
That fall from the damaged parcel of the mind"


ellen abbott said...

it's the reporters shoving their microphones in people's faces asking how does it feel, your personal tragedy, that makes me want to beat them over the head.

Daryl said...

OY I work with that woman

Marion said...

Hell, yeah. I was just commiserating about the fucking PC 'language police' who are hijacking the English language. Can anyone say, "Freedom of Speech"?! I love your end quote best of all:

"Poems are the packing peanuts
That fall from the damaged parcel of the mind." Awesome!! xo

hedgewitch said...

I also love that quote. And people sometimes do more to screw with our minds verbally than they ever could do to mess us up physically. Words are a powerful thing and all too easily abused. But not in this poem--that last stanza is killer. Hang in there, K. --don't let the bastards get you down.

Brian Miller said...

hehe...i honestly cannot stand people that talk in tag lines and riddles...pretty funny for one that lives by the metaphor, but in the situation when someone tells me that "it was what was meant to happen" i really fight the urge to get violent...

Anonymous said...

My mother called yesterday and said I found my heroine (I had to ask her to repeat it twice) - you're mine today (wait, that came out creepy :)).

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a witty write. Loved every word. "the person on the pyre" and the "human torch". So droll! I feel like the person on the pyre today, yet have to go to work. It so sucks.

Lynn said...

Do you know someone like this? Hmmm.

Shawna said...

I love this: "Rote repetitious rot not burdened / With the tiniest most infinitesimal wit."

And your closing cracked me up. :)

Sioux said...

I am having trouble leaving a comment (it's happening for me on many blogs).

Wonderful internal rhyme, whimsical yet sophisticated word choice, as usual.

Lolamouse said...

Still laughing! I loved the quote at the end and the image of the woman stuffing thoughts inside of crackers! Yup, I hate triteness as well. My personal pests are "It is what it is" and "It's all good." Ugh.

Fireblossom said...

Just for the record, dear readers...I made up the quote myself. ;-)

Mama Zen said...

You have a future most bright!

Caty said...

I'm impressed-again, and I love your home made quote

Anonymous said...

{{{dizzier and dizzier from form poetry, haiku, rhyming and more rhyming and ............