NASA does not, unfortunately, seem to make anything to wear
that could be termed slinky;
no little black dress.
This is what you get when you leave men in charge--
we look like kitchen workers,
or R2-D2.
Still, I am determined to win you back.

There are certain advantages to my chosen profession;
look into my visor and see yourself and everything around you expanded.
This is how I see you all the time--
bigger than you really are,
and as curved as the horizon.

Sit down, baby.
Talk to me. 
My knees buckle like poorly tested rivets
whenever I hear the pop of static that precedes your words of love.
Look at me.
Really look at me,
here trying to please you.
The peas on my plate lift right up,
they float around the room,
and I spin slowly above my chair like some stuporous Ferris wheel.

Give it one more try.
Recalibrate us, unscrub the mission,
get us on all the fucking networks; make it 1969 again.
I'm not an anomaly, sweetheart.
I'm girl with the right stuff,
the happy ocean you can splash down in;
the Ultimate Instrument for finding your way
from a decaying orbit smack onto the landing pad of honey-I'm-home.

With tongue only *slightly* in cheek for Kerry Says Can You Hear Me at Real Toads.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wonderful, the spinning "like some stuporous Ferris wheel" right down to the honey-I'm-home. Sigh. Loved it.
avalon said…
Amazing write.
The thoughts and angles you put in there. Stirring, refreshing, funny and as you say, the others not TiC.
[Off topic; I had a class of foreign students once who all thought TiC meant French kissing]
Shadow said…
Totally weird-ass, but so great to read!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I wouldn't have thought this to be tongue-in-cheek - I think you are bang on target with this response to the challenge. Your kind of space station setting is the perfect metaphor for the kind of reality in which many couples live - I love the floating peas. For me the second stanza says it all in a nutshell... look into my visor and see yourself. Excellent.
Susan said…
"My knees buckle like poorly tested rivets
whenever I hear the pop of static that precedes your words of love.
Look at me."

Cool. In space as it is on earth. Life was much simpler in 1969 and much more dangerous. Like touching and stuff, the chemicals which effected our gravity. Love the peas.
Mama Zen said…
I just adore this.
Sara said…
Please don't ever stop writing. I looked at the picture and you did such a wonderful job with this astronaut love poem:~)

The opening stanza had me in stitches,especially the R2-D2.

YOU definitely are the "the girl with the right stuff." :~)
hedgewitch said…
I love your science fiction poems, always, and here you nail the challenge to the mission room console with dry wit and hot spacey action. My favorite part is the visor line.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--This was delightful. I loved the "honey-I'm-home" line, along with R2-D2 and the "right stuff."

A funny, sexy astronaut poem...who'd have thought it possible?
Marian said…
i like this, especially the idea of "unscrub the mission." and didn't Sandra Bullock make space travel sexy? rawr ;)

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