My Crushes

I've had the same crushes for basically forever.

Mary Tyler Moore, ever since I was about six, and decided she was the last word in cool. Now her famous characters are like old friends who make me feel better when I am blue. And Laura Petrie is *still* hot.  

Emmylou Harris, ever since "Elite Hotel." The woman very annoyingly refuses to stop being gorgeous and terrifically talented. Give the rest of us a chance, babe.

Both MTM and Emmylou are big animal lovers and both do their bit for animal causes. Both of them are smokers (although MTM quit not so long ago). Both of them have, under their sweet surface, a steely determination to be the best they are capable of being, with their talent. I love that about them.

Talia Shire, ever since I cried the first time I saw Rocky and he yelled "Adrian!!!" I still cry any time I see that. Her character has a shyness I can understand. When I was young I was ridiculously shy. I'm not, anymore, but I'm told it does still come out at odd times. I love how Adrian is still reserved, but strong, too, in her own way. One of my favorite movie scenes ever is in the second Rocky movie when Rocky takes her to the zoo to propose. She is quiet for a moment, and then says, simply, "I'd like that." It was so her, and pretty adorable. Talia Shire has said that she was shy, too, and took up acting to overcome it. 

And Helen Slater, ever since I happened to be walking through a room where someone was watching one of her movies. I thought, wow, who is that? I love her smile and the way she speaks. Like Mary Tyler Moore, she's a gifted comedienne. Like Talia Shire, she has a native sweetness that's very appealing. I see something of myself in her, too.

My crushes. If only they knew I exist.  


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