Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancer On A Rope Bridge

There is a bridge

Between you

And me.

It is a rope bridge.

There is a breeze across it.

There is sweet water beneath it.

There is thick green on either side of it.

Step out in bare feet,

Feel the wet boards,

The rope railings love your hands.

Come across half way and

Meet me there--

Please kiss me.



Over and over...

There is a reason I love a dancer.

There is a reason I wore this dress

Just for you.

Let the world shift and fall away.

We can wrap around each other's bodies like a rope bridge,

Like falling,

Like us in the thin air,

In love



In a

Wet and spinning world,

Us two,

Like figurines on a music box,

Toes curled and

Carried away on the current we have given ourselves up to.



Pouty Lips said...

"Carried away on the current we have given ourselves up to."

Like Lil Marlene said, "I can't help it."

Riot Kitty said...

Again - wow.

Kay said...

I want that....

Debbie said...

How wonderful.

Scarlet said...

Wherever you two are going, take us with you! lol

This is beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful way to describe the connection between too people.

G-Man said...

Intense little thing aren't you?

Daryl said...

swept me up and carried me away ...

Mama Zen said...

I love the wet boards, the rope railings. Beautiful writing!