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Catblossom is my trusty moderator here at Shay's Word Garden. This is her profile.

CATBLOSSOM is an award-winning poet (Ponderously Pontificating Pedants Award, The Lugubrious Leaden Laurel Leaf of Literature, and the coveted This Seems Like It Means Something grant for Poetry) and has been published, though the charges were later quietly dropped.

CATBLOSSOM'S work has appeared recently in I Hurt My Thumb, Torpid Love Poems, The Big Book Of War Haiku, and Sally's Yeast Infection. 2013 will see the publication of CATBLOSSOM'S Pop-Up Book Of Derivative Verse.

CATBLOSSOM is known globally for her activism in championing the Topeka School of Wordles & Centos. In fact, CATBLOSSOM has been asked to vacate many of the world's most prestigious Universities, and she hopes to realize a lifelong dream next fall when she opens her exclusive Conservatory of Redundant Claptrap.

In short, CATBLOSSOM is one of the world's leading Obfuscating Poets, and she invites you to place into her hands your most cherished writings so that she may reject them for her upcoming anthology Unsightly Blemishes.


Anonymous said…

Kerry O'Connor said…
Damn! Catblossom can certainly give lessons on how to do a proper job of blowing one's own trumpet!

Anonymous said…
Sally's Yeast Infection. Nice.
Isadora Gruye said…
Now I totes want to run a zine called I Hurt My Thumb
hahahaha, I love this - sent here by Kerry. Catblossom is what we can only aspire to be, though I'm sure I've seen a few others around the blogs who've been featured in Sally's Yeast Infection too, personally I'm holding out for The Big Book of War Haiku.
Other Mary said…
lol - I can't believe it's taken me this long to 'meet' Catblossom!
Love Catblossom's pic though - gorgeous!
Sara said…

My favorite source of Catblossom's works is "The Big Book Of War Haiku."

Lydia said…
I love Catblossom and want to adopt her!!! ^.^
Ah! Loving your sense of humor!
robkistner said…
This is fabulously fuuucking hysterical Shay. Catblossom would get along incredibly with Edgrrr my Shih Tzu. Their attitudes and accomplishments are such that the cat and dog thing would be a moot point. I LOVE Catblossom! :-)