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Friday, June 14, 2024

Back-Up Bliss (Blues Lyric)


You know I love you baby
you know I crave your kiss
you know I love you baby
you know I crave your kiss
so don't act all broken-hearted
when I say that you're my back-up bliss

Slip out the back door baby
when you hear the front door key
slip on out the back door baby
when you hear the front door key
now don't get sad
dontcha get all mad
cos back-up bliss is what you are to me

Come and rock me baby
smooth and sweet as summer wine
come on and rock me baby
as smooth and sweet as summer wine
main squeeze ain't got nothin'
that could make me give up this
time with you, my cool and crazy back-up bliss

Process notes! I was blasting Robin Trower's Rock Me Baby while putting away groceries. Now there is a coffee creamer I just have to have, called Natural Bliss brown sugar oat creamer. The store doesn't always have it, and it lasts for months if it isn't opened, so when I get about half done with my current jug, I buy a back-up before I get too low because running out just isn't happening, not at my house! So, I was putting away groceries and grabbed the new Natural Bliss and said, "Oh yes, my back-up Bliss!" That's when the light bulb came on over my head. Sounds like a blues rock song! And voila! Here it is, with tongue firmly in cheek!

Music: Robin Trower Rock Me Baby

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Gray Cat In the Paperbacks


At the most unexpected time
on the most unlikely of days
I met someone who couldn't stay, 
and yet stayed forever.

I wasn't then who I am now
which is both a good and a sad thing.
I didn't really love the one who gave me a ring
but meant well by them.

No poetry, on paper or in my heart
but I had one regret and so made a wish
to know the real thing with someone, only that and only this.
I knew the weight of asking.

I had asked to know peaceful days
before I grew old, and was given them.
I asked for sobriety and the craving was gone as if it had never been.
Still, out of the blue, out of left field...

I saw green eyes and they saw mine
just walking by at the end of an ordinary day.
Imagine someone feeling the same way; hit by lightning, swept away
from the next morning, for one glorious day.

Would you believe in a love at first sight?
Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time.
Two people utterly bowled over--one day to remember forever--mine.
Talk about the luck of the Irish.

Would I walk away from it again?
Would I be so rulebound? Was I right to head back home?
It doesn't matter now. I'm okay the rest of the way alone. 
I have that day, and the card you sent

to keep and remember what an answered prayer meant.

(Blogger isn't letting me do links normally, lately.) 

Image at top is the card mentioned in the poem. I've kept it for 27 years. The gray cat is because I told them about a poem I had read in which a gray cat is a symbol for randomness and kismet. The poem was "untitled" by Carl Rickert. I would link to it but have never found it anywhere except in the magazine where I first read it. 

Music: Holly Cole I've Just Seen A Face  (If the Beatles object to me quoting Help From My Friends in this poem, I place myself at their mercy. I'd kill me if I were them!)

Monday, June 10, 2024

Word Garden Word List--Night Road


Hello, my poodle skirt poets! (qbit, you in particular look quite fetching.) Right now, I am reading a novel by Kristen Hannah called The Women, which is about nurses during the Viet Nam war. I have only just begun it, but Hannah is a go-to author for me. Occasionally--especially in her early novels--she can be rather Lifetime Movie-ish, but she tore my heart out with Winter Garden, her novel about the siege of Leningrad, and this week's source Night Road. 

Kristin Hannah

Night Road
is about Lexi Baill, a former foster child with a dark past, who finds a new life with her great-aunt and best friend Mia. However, a tragic accident during the girls' senior year shatters everything. It really touched my heart and I never forgot it. 

What we do here is to use at least 3 of the 20 words provided in a new original poem of our own. Then simply link up, visit others, and drive safely on the way home. This prompt remains active until next Sunday. Enjoy!

And now, your List:


Bimbo Season


Summer and I cannot really be friends--
she is tiresomely popular
with her garish daylight that extends
heedlessly into my delicious darkness.

She's the hot girl, skin-deep,
boring me to death with her obviousness
too loud, too cheap,
queen of the surfer boy entourage. 

If only there were some ceremony
that I could perform
to summon chilly winter here for me,
my old bestie returned.

I would live in a bus with bed and blankets
and a storm outside,
all the windows hung with trinkets
and--weirdly--streaming tv.

Yes, an all-comforts bare-bones hideaway
out in the distant sticks
up on four wheels on a winter's day
with soup and chocolate!

Sadly, here I am with this bimbo season summer,
my imagined paradise
far away and impossible--bummer!
White it out winter,

Come back with your cool quiet and I'll write you a killer poem 
to knock your woolly socks off. 

for Word Garden Word List--Night Road

Music: Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Incarnation In Red


"Go to this place," I was told
or perhaps I told myself.

"You will be no one's darling,
and you will always be cold."

So I went, wrapped in damaged flesh.
My mother said, "Let's not show her to the neighbors."

In time, I showed myself,
swinging from our elm like an ape.

"Doesn't she ever stop talking?" someone asked my father,
He answered, "Not if I have anything to do with it." Bless him.

Once grown, I did all the usual things, had all the usual hopes.
Passed out with strangers. Saw spiders on the ceiling.

Angels came in dreams, and as animals.
I was helped by a man in a western shirt, and another with a Fu Manchu.

I decided, more than once, not to kill myself.
I was healed, more than once, simply by asking.

Always, I had roses wrapped in broken glass; I said a million times,
"I can do a thousand things with red, all of them fucking gorgeous."

"Why does she think she cannot be loved, why does she think she is ugly?"
Time said, "Because all the mirrors are warped, and the devil loves constancy."

"Go to this place," I was told,
or perhaps I told myself. 

I was gone so long, I stopped believing, except to be certain
that I am no one's darling, and will always be cold.

Image at top is a manipulated image of Sleeping Lady Mountain, Alaska. 

Music: Lisa Gerard Sacrifice

Wednesday, June 5, 2024



Let me tell you about the book I've been reading.
I started it so long ago, I can't now recall the opening lines 
or even how I came to have this book.

I think it was a gift, but I'm not sure from whom,
and though it's at most about a hundred pages long.
it has a great many chapters and characters.

Sometimes I love it and wish I could stay on a favorite page forever,
but by turns I want to throw it against the wall or destroy it.
Every time I think I've figured out where it's going or what it means,
the narrative changes and goes off in some unexpected direction.

I'm often displeased with the author or the characters
and wonder why in the world the story goes the way it does.
For the first few chapters, I was eager to read it quickly,
but as I've gotten nearer the finish than the start I want to slow down.

I loved some characters so much that they became part of me,
and I genuinely suffered when they were written out of the tale.
Others I hated and yet they lingered for page after page.

I had hopes for what would come next, more when I started than now.
What began as a children's book, became YA, adult fiction,
and now it's almost a memoir. I'm not sure how many pages are left.

I wonder, what if I had found myself reading a different edition,
a sequel, another book by the same author, a different genre,
setting, plot, or style? Would i have liked those better, or less?

Ah well, even though I have thrilled to the love scenes, cried when
the characters failed, were terribly hurt, or died, believed every word
or scoffed at the absurdity of it, none of it is even actual in the end.

It's a tale, something made-up, though it has seemed very real.
Novels, plays, films, they move me, change me, sometimes bore me,
irritate me, or leave me in despair, but they are only shadows. 

One day, the book will fall from my hand, and I'll protest that I
wasn't finished! or perhaps I'll sigh and say I'm glad to be shut of it.
No one else will read my particular book again after me, though
sections and passages may be passed down and I'll be

a character in someone else's book, a product of imagination.

for What's Going On? -- Books/Reading.

Don't forget that Word Garden Word List remains active through Sunday. 

Music: Crash Test Dummies Afternoons & Coffee Spoons

Monday, June 3, 2024

Word Garden Word List--Madeleine's Ghost


Hello my cacophonous creatives! It's time once again for your Word List poetry prompt, and this week's List is taken from Robert Girardi's amazing debut novel Madeleine's Ghost. It was published back in 1995 but I didn't read it until 2010--I keep a book journal--and it immediately became an all-time favorite 

Robert Giradi

The story is two-fold. On the one hand, it is about a man living in a rent-controlled NYC apartment while doing research for the church (and being paid a pittance) regarding a deceased nun who is up for canonization. At night, things move around and noises are heard. He can't afford to live anywhere else, and so must endure. Moreover, the neighborhood is gritty and depressing. Gulp. On the other hand, the story is about his true love Antoinette, and their ill-fated, stormy, intense love affair in New Orleans, which still haunts him. Antoinette is one of the most unforgettable characters I have ever encountered in a novel. She's beautiful, erratic, bewitching. My goodness, she bewitched me, and I was only reading. 

What we do here is to use at least 3 of the 20 words provided in a new, original poem of our own. Then simply link up, visit others, and then lie in bed awake, wondering if that noise was a spirit or just your cat. This prompt stays active through Sunday. Enjoy!

Your List: