Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Many Have Loved The Rain

Many have loved the rain.

I alone have loved your fingers,

Whether caressing them with mine,

Kissing them,

Or staring with lovestruck tenderness

As they relaxed at the edge of the bed.

Many have feared the rain.

I alone have feared your vagaries of mind,

Whether dreams that have seized you,

Or passions,

Or simply storms gathering within

That I sit helplessly watching form.

Few embody the rain.

I alone embody the earth,

And will always receive what you give,

Take it within me,

Turn it into as much beauty as I can summon;

Or simply shield myself as best I'm able,

Endure and love,

Because I am wrapped around your lovely heedless fingers.


Many have loved the rain.



Nichole said...

Of everyone I know, my sister, I have the most difficult time imagining you wrapped around anyone's fingers without having them wrapped around yours as well. ;)

Such lovely poems, Shay. And a lovely card.

Thank you for them all.


Fireblossom said...


Thanks, you cool kitty, you.