There are devils--
never doubt it.

They are in the details,
and they lounge on the brass cross-piece at the foot of your bed
all through your decumbiture.

Decarnate devils fuck with your read outs
and your precious little decastich.
This little devil screwed the meter.
This little devil scotched the poem.
This little devil cried we we we 
will goose you at your desk
at our will
and all the way home.

Here's your désobligeante 
with a devil on the box beneath the moon.
Here's your digitorium
with a devil to call the tune.

Forget what you've been fed
about doromanic deities.
All there is is devils,
all over,
all in,
all red.

Die now. Why not?
The devil gonna getcha anyway.
Maybe tomorrow.
More likely today.

But what about redemptive grace?
What about angels?
Oh, grow up.
To shelter?
To save?
The devil you say.


thanks to march debzati for some devilishly darling D Words.

decarnate      denied or deprived of physical bodily form
decastich      ten-line poem 

decumbiture      the time spent by an invalid in bed 
désobligeante      carriage for one passenger 
doromania      obsession with giving gifts
digitorium      silent piano for practicing




Anonymous said…
Girl, this is crazy awesome. :) I'm tickled pink!
Mama Zen said…
Damn! This is cool as hell!
Anonymous said…
I think that if the devils are wherever she goes and are in everything she sees/touches/uses, then they must be inside her. The poet. The woman. The pianist. The d-tails she lives and writes and creates.

I'm picturing a woman talking to herself in the mirror, arguing with herself, angel versus devil. She seems to be her own devil; her worst nightmare is the sound of her own voice.
Cloudia said…
Devils & Demons and Duppys! Oh MY!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Okay, it is brilliant enough to know what those words mean, but then to use them even more brilliantly in a poem is stupendous. Wow!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Nothing for me to do here except ring in the applause.
Helen said…
... the sound of your voice? Decidedly divine!
Sara said…
What a fun read. I laughed at all the "d" words. You definitely did your duty without getting discombobulated and yet, maintaining a delicious mix of delightful d-words:~)

fuck! i looked up each and every one of those words as i came to them, never thinking to look at the bottom of your post for definitions.

ya can deposit da details up youse dainty derrière, dahling.

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