Sure, we've let a few things go, but
the moon got in our brains through the skylight
and try as we might, everything seemed silver
and possible
and dreamy creamy to us, while all you had to say was,

"Girls, girls, girls," in that clotted voice of yours.

Now, we will do what we will,
as slowly as lunar transit,
and glacially as math comprehension
when there are madflowers in the spring,
outside the ruptured panes
of mind and custom.

Girls, girls girls,
that's what we are, or were, at least,
now lazing with roses in our teeth
and all the time in the world to
receive and revive
our lovers driven to insensibility

by the clock-stopped way
we do them when the dawn is postponed,
attendance dispensed with
and the Ouija board stuck between YES and NO
like a stutterer who can't speak and so sings
like a hypnagogic hallucination of

Girls,  girls.   girls.


hedgewitch said…
This reminds me of Lorca, full of little surreal details superimposed on the all too real --a trip back through a mind disarranged by time, to an age so much less innocent---because so much more ruthless--than it appears on the surface. Really, I was going to start quoting with the madflowers, then realized it would all end up down here. Stellar work with this trope in which you always excel.
Maude Lynn said…
I adore this. I can't even begin to pick a favorite line.
Anonymous said…
I just read that the school is set to be turned into apartments.

The poem makes me think of all the potential a girl has, only to become someone's voiceless lover.

These are my favorite lines:
"and glacially as math comprehension"
"outside the ruptured panes
of mind and custom"

Is there a haunting tale associated with the school? I like reading your poem as if from the point of view of the students' ghosts.
Cloudia said…
Mad flowers! You are such



Shadow said…
With the silver light of the moon, everything iS possible.

And I love this "glacially as math comprehension", sounds perfectly accurate to this mathematically challenged person *grin*
Kerry O'Connor said…
I am with MZ on this one - perfection! No need to screw with perfection by pointing out which line was best of all.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Madflowers was my fave too. This is way too should be read all by itself, and no other poems read that day.