Nick Gravenites: A woman...

Janis Joplin: yeah?

NG: A woman...

JJ: yeah?

NG: A woman...

JJ: yeah?

NG: Just makes me mad.

JJ: Aw man....sheeit.

--"Ego Rock", from Joplin In Concert

While i was in the hospital
being the world's shittiest caterpillar,
you bought me
the double live album i coveted bad.

you were leaves on a high breeze.
i was a silk grenade.
we were young once, weren't we?
in Birmingham
so far down the rabbit hole, the wrong way down the telescope.

nothing from then is still the same.
i kiss the feet of the Goddess who arranged *that*, but
the desire i had to will wings out of my body
and rise is still there,

just like
and though i rarely play it,
i see the red cover
and there you are, smiling still, and standing right in front of me.

for Bittersweet Melodies at Real Toads.


Sioux Roslawski said…
Why is it talents like Janis and Jimi and John Belushi leave too soon?
Brendan said…
Some gifts are butterflies, others are chrysalis TNT. Amen.
. said…
I love this, Shay. Deeply touching.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Sometimes it's the little things so often overlooked that take one back.
you rock the words.
I just adore Joplin.
What a great talent!!!
PS. I once said, "If my poetry could talk, it would sound like Joplin!"
Hannah said…
I like the use of the caterpillar...the mention of wings...the metamorphosis - that unseen happens. Beautifully emotive, Blossom of Fire.
Shadow said…
I'm with you, I feel it too...
hedgewitch said…
Bittersweet, indeed. These are the moments that come back to haunt us, but somehow, without them, we would never be able to be ourselves, even in memory. The gifts we are given in love sustain us to our last breath.
Marian said…
Oh, nice. This reads like an inside joke, an intimate story shared by just two, but it is so universal, too. Just a glimpse of the cover brings the music and the memory, probably even the smells and tastes. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Bittersweet has never been written any better.
Mama Zen said…
I just like this, shay. I like the way it makes me feel.
angie said…
Especially stellar. Janis Joplin linked with your memories does make it a melody.
that era with janis, hendrix, crosby stills nash and young, etc...rocked !

between the vietnam experience, woodstock and so on, is what inspired my consciousness to a keener level.

gracias for this reminder
Susie Clevenger said…
There are moments of power in memories. We are never sure what will spark a flashback.
Pat Wahler said…
I find so many memories in music. This is a lovely, nostalgic poem.

Critter Alley
Cami said…
This is what music does! Turns memory filament in to steel cables!

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