In The Haunted House

In the haunted house,
a ghost wrote a letter to the moon.
The moon, for her part,
was just an ornament for her admirers to sing to;
for wolves and cats to sing to;
for ghosts to write letters to.

Her lack of substance didn't bother or deter them
in their admiration or devotion--
each one believing she sang to the moon
but really, in silver light,
they composed their notes--
wrote their letters--
in alleyways,
next to frozen rivers,
or in empty rooms


. said…
"Her lack of substance didn't bother or deter them" ... Ha. You're so clever.

"The moon, for her part" ... I like how you made this a play by having her assigned a role.

"in silver light,
they composed their notes" ... This is my favorite section. Also, "composed" might turn into other things, like "compost," for example, which much paper, and such, ends up as.

"in alleyways" ... ally-ways
"next to frozen rivers" ... Fro-Zen r-IV-ers (our IV ers/airs).
Or, "Next!" ... as in, who's number 22? That sort of thing ...
"empty" ... am pity, a.m. pity
"alone" ... all one

I like this very much. Glad to see you writing again. What's a girl gotta do to get you to jiggle your pens more often?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this one, especially the ghost writing a letter to the moon.
Ghosts writing to illusory moons. Love it. Moskareeno
Jennifer Wagner said…
What is it about the moon that makes us swoon, feel less alone, less lonely, in love? You always find the coolest angles to write from.
Mr Puddy said…
Be alone in the empty room..ALONE
should do nap !
Lynn said…
I can just see the whole thing. Beautiful.
Mr Puddy said…
Shay, I'm so sorry for sweet Skittles.
I couldn't believe this.She is too young !
Big Hug to you
Sending soft purr
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a unique relationship you have created here between the moon and the ghost. There is something so solitary and singular about both - out of touch but yearning. Really beautiful.
Mama Zen said…
This is like deep water; you can drown in it.
hedgewitch said…
I am loving the simplicity and unadorned thoughts and feelings that are hidden in every word here, Shay. Silver moonlight is cold and clean and like all mystical things, infinitely lonely, and you capture that sense of alienation from all the things of day here--warmth, brightness, life--mo matter how we want to drag them out of the heart and offer them to that round reflective rock of our desire.

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