If Found, The Moon

If found, the moon
should be placed in the hands of an origami expert
to be folded into itself--an envelope--
and mailed immediately to its mother, a bird.

I say this as advice, and as instruction
for those in darkness or earthbound, overly wakeful
in hours fractured like a broken parcel, 
that no one inquires about or missing it, waits for.

Never doubt that this message is for you,
as flightless as an egg or a stone, sad as a star at noon;
if stone, bolder in rain--if bird, born to rise--
if star, then sister to the sun--if lost, Atlantis, if found, the moon.

for Play It Again Toads. I did Susie's "Taking it To The Streets."



angie said…
never doubt this message is for you. an origami moon so beautifully folded for all of us...earthbound. thanks for the sage & whimsy
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my goodness, how is it POSSIBLE that you continue to write so brilliantly, poem after poem, each one more magnificent and amazing than the last? This is too beautiful for words. I love all of it, especially "never doubt that this message is for you." I am sure each reader will feel the truth of that.
grapeling said…
chills. beginning to end. ~
brudberg said…
Amazing.. I will remember this, whatever happens the moon has to make itself back again.
Kerry O'Connor said…
sad as a star at noon...

Phew! This sums up all the emotion and bits of ourselves we try to pour out in messages to others, for them so often to be lost or misunderstood.
Jim said…
Loving it, Shay. All the answers. One of my favorite stars is Emmy Lou Harris. She rose to the sun.
hedgewitch said…
So much intensity, insight and emotion packed into a relatively short poem, each image amplified by circling into itself and into the next flawlessly. Beautiful work, from first to last line. " hours fractured like a broken parcel.." indeed.
Mama Zen said…
Oh, I love this! It washes over you so beautifully.
. said…
Because of that first line break, I read this as being about what we should do with our mooning (over people, things, ideas). Like that little girl, like Anne of Green Gables, like those of us who love, gush, and long for, so desperately and wholeheartedlly. Like poets.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh my..Fantastic!! I fit perfectly into your second stanza.
Some (few) poems are completely satisfying. This is one.
Rommy said…
This is so enchanting. I like the dreamlike feel to it.
Pat Wahler said…
The first stanza is truly beautiful. Love the image!

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