Port Of Call

Hey sailor,
this is the lunch counter
anyone can sit at.

Hey handsome,
buy a girl a soda?
They'll bring one glass, two straws.

Tell me, Lonesome,
why aren't you in the bar? Do the stools there
pitch and yaw?

Too bad, swabbie,
about the girl you left behind.
Do ya miss her? Do I remind you of?

Listen, sugar,
set your sea bag down. Noah knew
--bet you do, too--
that a pigeon is still a dove.

for "escape to the past" at Real Toads



Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--The photo and poem are a perfect pairing. Also, a Doors song I've never heard.
Kim M. Russell said…
I can't believe we chose the same image, Shay! I love what you've done with it.
hedgewitch said…
Any port in a storm, those sailors--I think the sea is a very teaching mistress. This is just delightful, Shay, full of razor sharp lines under the seeming simplicity. I especially like the bar stool reference.
brudberg said…
You capture both the sailor and the girl so well. Delightful with a little flirt.
Cloudia said…
A dove is just a pigeon in drag. So what is this, a fabulous Shay caption competition with yourself? I like it
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ah, I love the conclusion.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I especially love the closing lines. Made me smile. I picked that photo too but the remembering didnt write itself well enough to post.
Rommy said…
I like the sly propositioning going on here - very lighthearted on the surface, but rather knowing once you read it carefully.
Maude Lynn said…
Killer closing lines!
Magaly Guerrero said…
The last few lines are brilliant. Goodness knows I saw a lot of Marines and Sailors reaching that conclusion... and setting down their seabags.
Angie said…
what a wench. what a wrench
Jennifer Wagner said…
A chance encounter? I think not!
Gillena Cox said…
Luv the video, luv the conversation

"Listen, sugar,
set your sea bag down. Noah knew
--bet you do, too--
that a pigeon is still a dove."

hope those two end on the mountain top with dry feet

much love...