Every year, robins nest at the side of my house,
They keep the world on its axis. They raise babies. That's it. That's enough.
This year, they began,
but were fooled by a warm February.
Now it is May and there were never any babies.
Something went wrong, though there's a heartbeat inside the wood.

Non-robins that never were
fly out and erase what is. Worms survive, but who cares?
Spring is here, with all its renewal, but it isn't right, the world has tilted.
Next year, will the robins try again?
Or will non-robins nest and create negation?

Wait and see.
By this time next year, I'll either be right here
or gone, under ground, in the teeming roil of things that are, are not, and never should be.

For Bjorn's prompt at Toads. His treatise on physics was just blah-blah to my poor brain, so i wrote about a thing that expresses itself dually, and I hope that is enough.


Anonymous said…
That ghost heartbeat of a non robin in the woods may be a canary.
It feels elegaic for more than the robins or you
Kerry O'Connor said…
Non-robins that never were
fly out and erase what is.

Wow, Shay! These two lines alone have filled my day.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
This is incredibly stunning, Shay ❤️
hedgewitch said…
Have to agree with Kerry and Rosemary, and I also especially like the finish, with its turning wheel of seasons and emotions.
Angie said…
wait and see...i might be back in the ground. sobering
Sreeja said…
shifting of things around, a shift in nature...beautiful...and may that heartbeat inside the wood change into real energy to bring in changes...!
brudberg said…
Oh that dualism of the non-robins is so well captured... actually also ties to the consequence of superposition of existence and non-existence as expressed in the gedanken experiment of Schrödinger's cat....
Sherry Blue Sky said…
YES! What Kerry said. Exactly.
grapeling said…
no, they shouldn't.

there will be a lot of non-robins underground ~
Linda G. Hatton said…
Sad. Made me think of the hummingbirds that nest outside my back door every spring. Nice poem. It made me teary.