Raucous Bird

I've got a million morning dreams, 
but in the way of casual cruelty,
despite trying to tuck them to me like a marked book--
they scatter and leave no sign or scent to help me look
for my lost dreams.

I've got a million folded paper notes
floated on the morning pond, bent carefully into boats--
but in the way of casual cruelty,
they love a water lily more than me
and do not return.

I've got a million songs that line my throat,
pin feather sharp, short-lived, half-grown,
but in the way of casual cruelty,
my cricket legs won't carry me to that place I've dreamt of passingly
where I'm a raucous bird. 

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Kerry O'Connor said…
Gosh, Shay, this is fabulous! Hard to choose a favourite image (though the second stanza has me quite envious), they are all beautifully layered with the words and meanings attached. And what an amazing pic. I could stare at it for hours.
Anonymous said…
I love the contrast between the gentle sadness in that beautiful second stanza and the bitter pain in the opening of the third. At least, holding an unfinished song in MY throat would make me feel bitter, and perhaps (more than) a bit hostile.

My legs won't carry me there. Exactly.

Powerful writing.
brudberg said…
That casual cruelty... love that expression, so much we could have done, so much... love especially the last stanza.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--As usual, word that flow from your hand soar to heights the rest of us only dream of.
Susie Clevenger said…
Casual Cruelty...what a marvelous pairing of words. This poem makes me feel the pain, the longing. Beautiful Shay
angie said…
I swear you've got a million zinger poems! Gosh
Anonymous said…
I understand the constant feeling of let down, but the refrain of the casual cruelty line makes this an outstanding composition.
tonispencer said…
The whole poem is amazing but the last three lines made me sit back in awe. The repeating of "casual cruelty" drives home the last three lines.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Speechless with admiration. I, too, like the repetition of the phrase casual cruelty..........and the looking for those lost dreams.
Dani H said…
this is exquisite, SP!

"in the way of casual cruelty" is a killer line.

may we all have a raucous bird within us.

stunning image! and great song.

Debi Swim said…
I, too, love the repetition of "but in the way of casual cruelty". This is an amazing poem - really well put together
hedgewitch said…
Beautiful sweet and sad, love and casual cruelty and dreams; these paper boats and their water-lily rendezvous--no way for a bird to compete with a flower--or is there--flowers can't sing like this. Or fly.
Mama Zen said…
Beautifully structured. I love the repetition. The third stanza really hit home for me.
Margaret said…
The off-handedness of those we love, of desires unfulfilled, longings ... the second stanza speaks to me and I find particularly stunning - but the whole poem is wonderful.
love the meme and this piece, all i can say is that you are such an inspiration. gracias!
annell4 said…
An amazing pic and an amazing write!! I loved each word carefully penned, beautiful to read.
grapeling said…
Hi Shay - sorry for the delay in replying, have been pulling 18 and 20 hour work days.

In the chorus with your fantastic phrasing, and that line. I always appreciate your pens, and am glad you added this ~
C.C. said…
Oh, I love the repetition of "but in the way of casual cruelty" and the imagery your words evokes is absolutely stunning!
Anonymous said…
Late as usual to commenting and posting but I'm happy always to land here and read you.This casual cruelty is such a delightful phrase. It describes so well that which unfolds before us in it's own time as it mocks us. Wonderful trilogy of verse and Buffalo Springfield to boot. Happy days.

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