Untitled Experience

I fell asleep in the bath and shed my skin.
Waking, I had no idea at all
where I was or
who I was or
when I was.

At first, the drawn curtain gave me a panicky moment feeling entombed. Was I in a box? The back seat of a car?  A bed? No...in water. OK. Then I thought I was back in San Antonio, in my 20's, never having left or aged. I expected, for just a moment, that my old dog would be sleeping just outside waiting for me. I cast my mind about, and finally--finally--placed myself in space and time. It was a very odd, naked, fearful feeling, to lose my bearings like that. 

Now I'm back--in this life--
but did some other me, my doppelganger, 
wake in the old green tub in Texas, 
without a clue, having imagined that she was much older, calmer, not so poor,
and did she--this other me--
get up, towel off, and say to that big sweet dog, "I knew you'd be here" ?

Not sure if this is a poem exactly, but it's a true story. They say that when you wake up disoriented like that, it means that your spirit has been out of your body, traveling. All I know is that I woke up as a blank slate for a few moments. 

for Susie's "Bits of Inspiration: Doppelganger" at Toads. 


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, WOW!!! So wonderful, especially that old sweet dog and your closing llines. Sigh. Pings at my heart. Gah.
tonispencer said…
I love that you awoke and that big sweet dog was there! I have fallen asleep in the tub more times that I like, especially when I used to carouse. I take showers now. but I love that dog! I think I have had times when I wanted to awake and find a certain or two cat on the bed.
Sioux Roslawski said…
I was inspired by the prose-y bit sandwiched between the two stanzas. (I loved that it ended with your dog.)

Could this be a new type of poem? Could we call it a Shay?

I used to leave my body and travel around (a few times) in my dreams. However, perhaps they weren't dreams?
Susie Clevenger said…
You pulled me right in with that opening. What an experience you share with this. Perhaps you did step out of your body and travel. Maybe your dog was your spirit guide. Thank you so much for taking part in the prompt!
Old Egg said…
Oh what a beautiful poetic tale; you pulled me in and your words were exacxtly what I wanted as your doppelgamger took a trip back in the past with your dog willing you back for sure.
Mama Zen said…
This is definitely poetry. I love the way you break the lines in the first stanza.
brudberg said…
This is a wonderful experience that leaves a feeling of those independent words that exists in parallel... wouldn't it be great to be able to meet an old pet again...
Anonymous said…
beware of baths and sleep deprivation
. said…
"I cast my mind about, and finally--finally--placed myself in space and time." ... What a great sentence.

I love those green tubs. :)
Kim M. Russell said…
The layout of this poem is perfect for the story it tells, Shay. I love the opening line and the change from poem to prose takes the reader into the dream. I also love the idea of your doppelganger waking in the old green tub in Texas, a modern Dorothy returned from Oz.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a memorable experience!
Helen said…
The very idea my spirit can travel outside my body gives me shivers. Love this, Shay.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I love that you titled it Untitled Experience.....I think your spirit took a trip....but I am not really sure, but I love the memory you share and how you shared it, and like all dogs, I love that your dog is there just beyond the door. Dogs are always so loyal. Sometimes I feel like dogs are angels in our lives. :-)

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