The Realtor Said

The realtor said, "We must climb in through the open window,"
and heaved herself over the sill. 
I turned her brochure into a glider, and entered by air.

I said, "I am made of meat and bank accounts."
A talking cheetah on the living room veldt said,
"The place is haunted. 
There is a crucifix in my mouth--
you'll have to crawl in after it."

The realtor said, "We can conference with the other world."
I said, "In the ether or the air."
The cheetah was silent, and her yellow eyes were suns.

Well, girl, I bought it.
The realtor demanded that I paint with pastels.
The cheetah demanded to share my bed.
They both revealed you as the ghost.
I said,
"Tongues should be rough,
living space spiritual (secured by contract),
and love supernatural, locally acquired, ascendant, and wild."

for The Sunday Muse #22.


Carrie Van Horn said…
Wow...this the wildest most wonderful adventure i have been on in a while!! I LOVE it!!! "I am made of meat and bank accounts" what a vision that set before me! Glad to see the word garden out and about Shay! 🌷📝😍
Vicki said…
This is a wild scene! Love your casa, Shay.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wild adventure, as only you can tell it. I love the living room veldt, and being made of meat and bank accounts.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--Only you could make buying a house such a wonderful experience. The last three lines--especially--really sang.
Anmol (HA) said…
Such wicked humor in this one — I loved this fantastical experience of buying a house, with all the peculiarities and quirkiness making it both amusing and exciting.
Loved the ending: "living space spiritual (secured by contract),/and love supernatural, locally acquired, ascendant, and wild."
. said…
This is so awesome.

This is where I really got floored:

"The cheetah was silent, and her yellow eyes were suns.

Well, girl, I bought it.
The realtor demanded that I paint with pastels.
The cheetah demanded to share my bed."
colleen said…
What a fun fantasy! I liked how anything could happen and I couldn't guess what.
tonispencer said…
What a long strange trip this was. The cheetah with eyes like suns. Their eyes are so yellow. We have a breeding center here for them and I entered a lottery to touch one and was among the 10 who won. We were given a Cheetah 101 course before we could do so. Anyway cheetahs are programmed for flight which ties in with your glider and going in through the air. This Poem was like some weird dream that actually made sense when you stepped back and looked at it. I could you raging against the ordinary of your life, the pastel-ness of it. I can also see you sharing your bed with the cheetah in its wildness and it's warmth. A most satisfying dream of a poem. Your wildness and your warmth at home with each other.
C. Sandlin said…
Of course this was the house purchased! An amazing poem...I'm afraid that meat & bank accounts will be sticking in my mind for some time.
brudberg said…
I love it... and what a great way to find a new mate to share your bed... it came with the house, and how can you ever mind it's haunted when the cheetah has suns for eyes?
Millie said…
Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful!

Teresa from Razzamadazzle
Ah, you convince me. When you put it like that, of course they should!
(And yes, some ghosts follow us from place to place ... or even await us everywhere.)
Old Egg said…
At least you saw the cheetah before you bought it, so on your head be it. In fact I thought that 'Cheetah' was a play on words meaning in fact "Cheater!"
Thotpurge said…
What a read!! Love the world of leery talking cheetahs and housebreaking realtors! Wonderfully written!

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