As A Vine

Existing as a vine, I brought you my love
from every avenue.
I learned from bird flocks, and like them,
I spoke and sang without interpreter.

Each time you sought my source,
I grew a hundred more arms, your slaves. 
I said, "Kiss my lips, wherever you find them."
Hummingbirds carried our portraits in a locket.

Clouds are never far from the sky, love.
Blue jays find them and call.
We hid our first hearts at the base of a wall,
faces furled at our fingertips

Crying, "Look here! Look here!" in magnificent cowardice. 

For The Sunday Muse #44.


Carrie Van Horn said…
Love is the one thing I believe we take with us to the beyond. The whole idea of existing as a vine and bringing it with you, is absolutely divine to me Shay. No pun intended with the vine and divine. LOL So many wonderful lines in this. So true to how love is, with a magical feel. I love the line, "I grew a hundred more arms, your slaves" and "I brought you my love from every avenue." Everything you write is truly book worthy of a large audience. Someday when you are famous, I will tell people I knew her before she was famous.
hedgewitch said…
"...Hummingbirds carried our portraits in a locket..." Okay, you made me quote. That one was just exquisite, and the whole poem is both lyric and narrative of love defined. How often I've dug a whole to hide that particular season's heart. The beginning metaphor, too, is supple and suggestive. Fine work, Shay.
hedgewitch said…
hole not whole--Freudian slip?
Vicki said…
So many wonderful lines throughout... hard to pick a favorite. Lovely piece.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, my goodness, this is spectacular......the hummingbirds' lockets, the clouds never far from the one writes love poetry like you do.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--I've missed you so... But perhaps you've posted on your site (and I missed it) or you've been gracing other sites with your poetry.

What a piece to greet me today.
C. Sandlin said…
Tangled up in the line about birds without interpreters...I like the idea that they're both unconcerned and unintelligible, matching the vine's lushness and
Margaret said…
Vines do have so many "arms"... nurturing - love the "hid our first hearts" line and the hummingbirds with lockets is just a lovely image.
Unknown said…
really wonderful, Shay. Trying to get back on here again as time permits...we'll see how that goes
Vivian Zems said…
I liked the flow of this...a beautiful write.
Pleased to meet you, Shay.
I loved this, the ideas and it is so well written. Thank you . . :)
Wondering if you got my comment . . . loved it Shay
grapeling said…
you are a magician, Shay ~
Anonymous said…
I love your line, "existing like a vine, I brought you my love from every avenue." So many leaves to branches (avenues), the lengths I travel to give you my love. Intense.
Susie Clevenger said…
Love is a wild growing vine. This is beautiful Shay.

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