I Linger In Dreams

I linger in dreams,
large as unspoken devotion,
warming a small world from its center with my body.

Brenda Lee, "Little Miss Dynamite"
whispers sweet nuthin's in the bowl of one ear,
her body a soft jukebox, my tongue coated with quarters.

Billie Holiday, "Lady Day"
sings desires, a pigfoot and a bottle of beer
to the spoon of my other ear like a sweet poppy mother. 

Above, jostling spheres, circular activity, temples, threnodies.
I linger in dreams, a small world warmed from its center 
with hallucinations, 


Carrie Van Horn said…
This is a true magical dream to read from "sweet nuthings in the bowl of one ear" to "a tongue coated with quarters". I do not know how you do it my friend, but you always delight my poetic heart with lines and images that only an amazing poet like you could evoke!! Truly beautiful poetry flowing here Shay! I love it!!
Helen said…
Double B's! And I learned the definition of two words I hadn't known. What a day, what a world, what a poem!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A mesmerizing poem. I especially love the closing lines. I loved Brenda Lee in my teens. I used to sing along to her records, our vocal ranges were exactly the same.
. said…
Good heavens, Shay, I love this to pieces. Every single line and phrase is a favorite.
indybev said…
For one thing, you taught me threnody and hagiography, both of which were new to me, and I love learning new words. Beyond that, your poem is magical!
hedgewitch said…
A small world in itself, this poem, and I'd like to read the hagiography of Brenda Lee, and the sainted Lady Day. Lovely use of language to create a dream within a dream, and warm the things within which need it so badly.
C. Sandlin said…
Vivid and beautiful. Love the way this just pulls one in.
Truedessa said…
This was enjoyable to read and there is so much to love about it. Now, I have Radar Love humming in my ear.

And the radio played that forgotten song
Brenda Lee's comin' on strong
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness, we both went to dreamworld, but yours is so much more delightful. Love the music choices..and your ending has me spiraling into the surreal. I am always, always, in awe of your imagination and ability to write it into poetry.
Vivian Zems said…
A fascinating world of dreams...a wonderland of magic.
"A tongue coated with quarters"....reminds me of a world like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fun! Fun! Fun!
qbit said…
Oh yes! "my tongue coated with quarters." -- damn. Triple points for "threnodies". "hallucinations, / hagiographies, /harmonies" -- brilliant.