Apes In The Coffee

There are apes in a woman's coffee.

"We warm ourselves against a hostile environment," say the faces upturned in the steam.

"Asian disciplines,
on-line broadsides,
these failed.
But this warm pool...is become our haven."

The woman's mind and limbs are heavy as asteroids, 
her heart a falling anvil,
her simian teachers ascended, sanguine.

for Flash 55, hosted by the amazing Hedgewitch O' The Wilds, noted connoisseur of cofveve. 


hedgewitch said…
They're everywhere, the apes, with their bright, blank eyes. These seem to be more comforting/comforted than some, but still, an added weight to the meteoric fall...or so I read. I love the weave and winding of this, and that last stanza, especially, a feeling of heaviness, of something rising, that seems to permeate our entire society at the moment. Thanks for bringing your incomparable match to the fire, Shay, and for adding to the kick-assery of the weekend.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, the most amazing 55 ever.......how to say so much, reveal entire worlds, in so few words. I especially love the faces upturned in the steam.
Sioux Roslawski said…
"Her heart a falling anvil" got to me... and the last two word choices--brilliant.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Every line stands taller than flags in the wind. This carries so much with it that it is like a suite case that is eloquently packed with a thousand wedding dresses with no wrinkles. Brilliant as always my friend!
Helen said…
Hostile environments ... we are surrounded everywhere we journey (not far these days.) If coffee is the answer, I will launch a Starbucks!
grapeling said…
cuppa joe in hand (the cup that belonged to my now-dead brother-in-law) I sit in awe ~
Susie Clevenger said…
I always visit your poetry and end up wishing I had written it. Where do we go from here is the question I ask myself every day.