Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Girl

One day, you will forget about her--

The one whose voice animated your whole world.

You will no longer hear her,

Nor even listen in the hopes that you might.

Don't let anyone tell you

That every season's roses are the same.

She made you happy in summer--

You, who loves the ice,

And the long nights.

One day you will forget her

And be poorer for the forgetting.

One day you will put her behind you, and be free to do anything you like.

And then what?

Oh dear girl...

Then nothing,

Just nothing at all.



ellen abbott said...

Not nothing. You just don't know what yet.

Shark Butt said...

Wow! Not nothing but something even better than you can imagine right now.

Sharkbutt says maybe a cat.

Riot Kitty said...

Ellen and Shark Butt are right! (More than I cat, I believe.)

Kay said...

Then you become a better, more forgiven....do it all over again, putz...hehe :)

Pete said...

stunning photo to go with the words

Scarlet said...

The future always holds promise, but I love the sentiments in this one.

Shadow said...

forget her? someone like that? i don't think so...

Daryl said...

No, I beg to disagree ... one never ever looses what is engraved on one's heart .... even if its a lost love .. tho seriously, love if its real never dies or fades away

Mama Zen said...

I love the part about the roses. That's really perfect.

Fireblossom said...

Impossible to forget something that has become part of you, I think.

pheromone girl said...

Sometimes we just want to be HERE, mired in whatever we are knee deep into - and I'm right there with you.

Your heart belongs to you. It can be stuck for as long as you want it to - and maybe stuck is exactly where you belong for the moment?

In the interim, tea and feathers, baby. Tea and feathers.

Kelly Dickson said...

i know this is about romantic love, but the first time and on this reading too... it describes perfectly how i feel about my Gran... i will be poorer for forgetting, and one day she will be so past the past... it will just be so long ago and i'm adult 'free' but to what? the empty space without her... an eloquent write Shay x

mac said...

You've done gone and made me cry again.

Had you told this old scooter trash two years ago, "You'll be reading poetry and weeping", I'd say you're insane .

Your words are so beautiful. I feel them in my heart as I read and reread refrain.

And please, let's try to keep their memory alive, if not the pain.

thanks again