Eating Movies

Here is a movie you can watch or eat.
Oh honey, go ahead, kiss that leading man, OR
take a big bite right out of his too-big head.

Oh shit he's dead oh shit he's dead
Ha! It's interactive, hit START and he's back.

A lady never throws up in the bushes.
Didn't they teach you anything at film school?

Okay, now watch this part: turn on the commentary.
You get to hear voices over the regular sound!
Mine are telling me to eat the movie.

I'm flickering inside, it's so retro.
You have subtitles. Strike a pose, girl, be Eurotrash!
Let's watch our previews. Turn inward; it's very Eastern.

Hit START again. Now try the options.
Let's eat this actress, she's sick of always being that guy's girlfriend.
Just go with it! Try not to over-analyze. Don't be lame and cry at the end.

for Susie's challenge



Mr Puddy said…
I think I want to be a leading man.
He gets lots of kiss =^x^=

Have a great weekend , Shay

PS : Thanks to continue our friendship on my new blog. It's pawsome ! 

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I am grinning from ear to ear with such delight. I couldn't WAIT to click over, I knew it would be this good. I especially love "I'm flickering inside. It's so retro." I think maybe it's a good thing I'm not smart enough to have a smart tv. LOL.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh, this is fabulous. "eating movies" Love that. Interactive movies seem like way too much work, but hey, after reading this I might just nibble a few. :)
brudberg said…
I think it all might be a movie, or rather a twisted reality show.. Wonder if it's all set on repeat.
Rommy said…
This is intriguing! I've read it a few times now, to delight in the horror movie imagery you've played with here. It feels like a zombie movie, but maybe the zombies are the ones who are deep into the celebrity culture as spectators, only participating when they devour their idols over a piece of damning gossip.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a startling depiction of the movies, Shay. You show us how the entertainment industry is changing into something a little too voracious.
hedgewitch said…
I've known some movies that would taste delicious, and some that merely pass on through undigested. As always Shay, you strike a balance between imagination and emotion, reality and the surreal, and the way to look at things with a slightly different squint, which makes all the difference.
angie said…
i won't over-analyze it. i ate it
De Jackson said…
Frickin' love this:
"A lady never throws up in the bushes.
Didn't they teach you anything at film school?"

Love the voice you've evoked here.
Mama Zen said…
This is very, very smart and well-done. Wow, Shay.
Shadow said…
Don't think 'visual' entertainment measures up anymore. I like how your thoughts run *smiles*

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