Friend Jane

Look, friend Jane, for a wishing star
stuck in the sky like a dime in tar;
Tell that star what you won't tell mother,
tell what we tell, only to each other.

Wish star,
wish star,
Imhotep and Ishtar,
Nile crocodile keep this secret safe!

Oh, friend Jane, tell me what did you wish?
swear on a little finger, seal with a kiss;
meetcha by the rail fence, meetcha by the moon,
mother make the evil eye when she sees you.

Wish star,
wish star,
Imhotep and Ishtar,
Nile Crocodile keep this secret safe!

Now, friend Jane, I know what you said,
mother's at the bottom of the stairs stone dead;
moon on the pond water, stars in the sky,
mother's eyes are open but she's blind, Jane, blind. 


for the mini-challenge.


Kerry O'Connor said…
Wowzers! This is sheer brilliance. Your skip rope songs are always amazing but this must be the best I've read. I'm not going to get that chorus out of my head too soon.
Magaly Guerrero said…
What Kerry said plus a few squeals! This is freaking fantastic. I can hear it at twilight, while skipping rope at the edge of a forest while being watch by something dark, dark, dark.
Rommy said…
Ahhhhhhh! This made me grin. You developed such a strong story in this haunting piece, with such memorable words.
brudberg said…
This made me laugh at its creepiness.. The tone match perfectly that stark end, and the wishing on stars is a perfect complement.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
All of the above. Brilliant. Pure magick!
Anonymous said…
The entire mare nightgallops here.
Debi Swim said…
This is Tim Burton fiendish. Oh, my.
TexWisGirl said…
you continue to amaze...
Anonymous said…
well, you've nailed the eerie factor!
hedgewitch said…
You know I love your brimstone jumprope songs, and I can actually see a bunch of little girls jumping to this one, and giggling while screaming those last lines--I know I would have, anyway, (assuming I could ever jumprope well enough to not fall over.) Just coruscatingly wicked and wonderful, dear Shay.
Cloudia said…
Such a precise and transgressive gem
Stacie Eirich said…
Oh yes - this is great fun and I just love the chilling end! Not one I'm going to share with the kids Lol! Thanks for sharing.
Hannah said…
I'm with Kerry on this. You rocked it Fireblossom! :)
One of the scariest of the lot!
Gillena Cox said…
This one deserves a WOW!!!

here's mine

much love...
Anonymous said…
I don't think this is eerie or creepy. I think the secret is that these two kids are being "naughty" together and "Jane" doesn't want her mom to find out. In the end, she "kills" her mother with the reveal ... intentional or not.

"Imhotep and Ishtar" ... I think this means they're playing doctor together. :)

"Imhotep’s reputation as the reigning genius of the time, his position in the court, his training as a scribe, and his becoming known as a medical demigod only 100 years after his death are strong indications that he must have been a physician of considerable skill."

"Ishtar is the ... goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex."

With souls like these as the players, this would be a very interesting game.
Bekkie Sanchez said…
Mother never had a chance in this creepy tale! Nice one.
Brutal and brilliant. Loved. la la
Ileana said…
Loving the rhythm as much as the tale. Great work, Shay!
Susie Clevenger said…
Brilliant as usual :)