Here is the thing about a Succubus--
she won't schedule a date at a mutually convenient time.
She'll just appear--always at an unsuitable hour.
Don't expect her to ask if you were sleeping. She knows you were.
Don't wait for her to say "sorry." She's not.

Here is the thing about your body--
with the Succubus so close that her breath is as near as your own, 
it won't be answering your calls anymore. 
Your old familiar will be off the leash, off the rails,
off to hell and gone--pardon the figure of speech--
and you may as well put a band-aid on the fault line of an earthquake
as to try and master your flesh, with Her there.

Here is the thing about her purpose--
it has nothing to do with your body. It's become a door, that's all.
Lemme in, lemme in, lemme in, that's why she's rattling your ribs.
She'll fog your brain with her honeyfire ways.
She'll draw every tremble from every lit-up synapse,
and perfect a reflex from all your sweetspots. Then again. Then again.
All just to distract you and make you deliciously stupid.

Here is the thing about your heart--
it's next-of-kin to the thing she really wants.
Try to catch the words she whispers to her Master,
The One you're not supposed to realize is there, but she's lazy about it,
and you know, in a feverish, unreal way, that He's in on this with Her.
It's a metric that measures how fierce her appeal is,
that you know but don't care that she's sharing you all the while.

Here is the thing about it all--
She is after your Soul, and even a sparrow has the instinct to be wary.
Her lips, so soft they could make a god give up,
are the vehicle for every lie under the sun. 
Resist Her--yes, you, barely hanging on in the gale of her attentions.
Resist Her, even as She takes you over the edge.
Hold back just that one particle, that mote She's come for,
and know you're winning when she curls her lip and bites you awake,
shaking, in tears, but still a lit vessel intact despite the storm.

From a dream I had recently.


Anonymous said…
This is so true.

It works for you --- this hiding out, only coming up/down to bite every once in a while.

Each of your pieces is richer and more delicious than the last.
hedgewitch said…
I love the way you've worked the male figure in the background into something more controlling and evil than the creature of pure desire who does his bidding--tho she is frightening enough in all her hunger, manipulation, glory and power--at least she can feel you. The last stanza is just out of the park.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, that last stanza especially. I love "still a little vessel", as are you when you emerge to slay us with a new poem.
SuyashJ said…
Very evocative images!! Well written!
Sioux Roslawski said…
A dream? What a whopper of a dream it must have been.

There are too many lines to cut and paste--a gem at every corner, with way more than 4 corners--but I especially loved the last line.
brudberg said…
I know... and most of us always fall for her... male strength flushed down the drain.
Marian said…
As I was reading this, I was thinking and she has to wake up screaming... and then you woke. Very jarring & profound
Cloudia said…
Keep dreaming Shay!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is an incredible poem, Shay. So layered with emotion, notion and the surreal. It is one which needs to be read several times for the full impact to be felt.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
My goodness this is perhaps the most powerful poem I have ever read!! Kudos to you Shay!❤️
Carrie Van Horn said…
Your dreams reflect your amazing creative talent Shay. Each stanza is rich with wisdom and imagery that blows me away. Love this!!
grapeling said…
and I so rarely remember my dreams.

skillfully, chillingly written ~
Mama Zen said…
This is so, so good, Shay. I particularly like "put a band-aid on the fault line of an earthquake . . ." I wish that I wrote like this. Hell, I wish I dreamed like this.
Jennifer Wagner said…
"Honeyfire"...that is cool...but it's just a drop in the bucket of how incredibly amazing this poem is.
Lynn said…
That must have been quite a dream!

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