The Moon is 238,900 miles away
in a sky
so immense
that it may as well be asleep inside itself;
and you,
we are less than motes--
less than the least detail
of a dream
spread out from cell to cosmos
like reflected sunlight
caught in an iris
at night on a small patch of grass.

Do you miss me?
How long will I live?
What is the funniest joke
anyone has ever heard?

The Moon is
238,900 miles away, but seems as if
it would fit inside a tea cup
and that is because
we taste its light in dreams--
we hear its gravity in the lakes of our bodies
as the next moment arrives and there it is---
The Moon, pale as certainty
in the lightening morning sky.

for "synethesia" at real toads.


I enjoyed reading this piece. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.
brudberg said…
I love the moon fitting in a tea-cup... To me moonlight tastes like silver.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Totally Gorgeous. I love the moon in a teacup too. And the questions.
Rommy said…
I love how this moved from a grand cosmic scale, to an intimate one. When you are in love, it sometimes seems like your universe is just made up of you and your beloved and even large heavenly bodies are tea time treats next to the size of your passion.
Gillena Cox said…
Wow Luv this. Especially the taste of moon

Much love...
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love everything about this poem. It's an instant favourite for me.
Sioux Roslawski said…
"... caught in an iris... the lakes of our bodies" are two of my favorite parts. What a lush poem.
hedgewitch said…
The quantifying of miles in its rationalism makes an excellent foil for the more ephemeral, imaginative elements of this--the irrational rational, as it were, drawn with a truly light touch, light as moonlight, and the iris is such a unique flavor to add that the poem seems to take a small swirl around it in celebration. I liked this very much,Shay, whatever senses I used to drink it up. Here we are in all this delicate celestial music--what would be better than to sing along?
Margaret said…
Soothing and mystical... the teacup reference is just stunning...
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Oh this is lovely especially "The Moon, pale as certainty in the lightening morning sky." ❤️
Susie Clevenger said…
We teacup the moon and question its enormity....I am so in love with this poem. I wish I had written it.
Carrie Van Horn said…
That last line is amazing!
Mama Zen said…
This is exquisite, breathtakingly so.
Stacie Eirich said…
I'm a sucker for all things Moon...especially Moon poetry. Beautiful, sensual. Love. Thanks for sharing!

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