Ever The Lady--A Shameful Confession

It is difficult, being ever the lady,
as I strive to be.

If my dog jerks the leash while I am
-very daintily--
raiding the local book kiosk,
it requires enormous restraint to say,
"My goodness!" and stay on my feet as if I'd taken years of ballet.

~the shame!~
I've never read Jane Austen.

for Friday 55 at Verse Escape.

Image at top: Naomi Watts 


hedgewitch said…
Indeed--the restraint would be *way* beyond my powers, even though I have spent years devoted to teh ladylikeness. I especially like that you have given a great fillip to my weekend by going for spontaneity and humor here, not to mention that perfect close. I hope that your weekend will kick a huge quantity of ass, my dear, especially those of the rude workmen outside your windows.
hedgewitch said…
ps now laughing uproariously at the tags
angie said…
a lady can only take a very specific number of jerks. lol...lol is my texting way to giggle and cover my mouth while pirouetting away:D Of course, it's sassy. Of course, we're classy. We've got all those ballet lessons tucked under our g-strings.
angie said…
er...or garter belts. our guarded belts.
Loved. You're ever the lady to my eyes. La la mosk
Cloudia said…
Confining delicacy
Steve King said…
So funny...and haven't we all had our posing unmasked, even if accidentally, at some most inconvenient moment?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cackling. Just so good.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I just closed my eyes and pictured this scene... and, of course, I can't stop grinning. Hysterical.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Shay, ever the genteel lady...

Sanaa Rizvi said…
This is so good!❤️ I love the attitude in this and the tags made me grin!❤️
Other Mary said…
Wondering what sort of penance one does for such a confession, heheh.
Dani H said…
oh, my gosh! it's no fun to be a fucking lady! never tried. never will.

I was brought up to be ladylike and had to work hard to overcome the handicap. (It just doesn't do on an Australian schoolground.)

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