I folded a love letter
inside a bible
and left them both

on a table
in the garden
in the rain.

As expected,
my new lover 

wearing the sun
and the wind
like epaulets 
on his shoulders.

With a strong open fist
he broke my loneliness.
A dove flies
to cold

for my BFF's most entirely awesome 55 thang.


Mama Zen said…
That closing is so unexpected and beautiful. Gorgeous 55.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wonderful! Especially that dove, flying to cold, lofty Ararat. Wow.
hedgewitch said…
What is it about storms, about the dance between rain and sun and the ever-flickering cosmos that makes us personify it in our lovers? (Perhaps we've just been blessed with ones who change like the weather.) I don't know, but whatever it may be, it certainly works for you here. Every word leads seamlessly into the next, and the poem slides into the mind, glides into the heart like the dove that flies to signal the end of flood and the start of a new life. Thanks so much for playing and kicking this weekend's ass so thoroughly, Shay.
Cloudia said…
Lovely and freighted with meanings - as usual!
annell4 said…
The first drops of rain are falling on the mountains, the air smells of moisture...loved your 55. It never goes well when a letter is left in the rain. It has been a long time since the last rain, what a welcome change, from the dry hot days, so far this spring.
Vivian Zems said…
Any lover who wears the sun and the wind as epaulets is worth hanging on to! I love the majestic and epic feel of this.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Okay, there must be some sort of inky storm dancing with the universal muse. It's creepy--not this poem, this poem is freaking fantastic--it's creepy that I wrote about a stormy relationship, J wrote about a stormy relationship, and well... you know. All right, end of rambling.

I always enjoy the vividness of your poetry. The way in which those first two stanzas puts me right there with the speaker, smelling the paper of that bible, feeling the folds of that letter...

And then that closing... the violence with which the subject attacks the speaker's loneliness roars out of the words... soothingly.
Sioux Roslawski said…
I admit I had to look up Ararat. The image of a dove flying...Well, it's haunting.
Lynn said…
Gorgeous and sort of unexpected!
Anonymous said…
Another very powerful 55 Shay! And yes, excellent word play- and created imagery - and as usual, the unexpected - which really speaks as testament to choosing to create a vision and go beyond, carrying it further. All in 55 - and wow, yeah, relationships never quite carry the weight of doves - rare gift when it comes, if it ever does.

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