Three Short Poems


finds Empty
and fills it
with lonesome lies
in a fake truth suit.
There were better Parts Unknown meant for you.

"Chop Shop"

this shit
into lines-
it still won't be
poetry, baby.
You have to pay to learn that foreign tongue.

"Mercy Clouds"

Gone tomorrow
with the mercy clouds.
Kiss me now. The sun will warm my suitcase.

for Fussy Little Forms--tetractys. 

Suicide happens when a person's emotional pain exceeds their ability to cope with that pain. But there is help. If you are in trouble, pick up that ten ton phone--tomorrow can be better, even if you don't believe it right now. National Suicide Prevention Help Line: 1-800-273-TALK.
" friend. I didn't know you, but I've been places you've been." (Tim Hardin)


tonispencer said…
Oh how the first and third poems resonated with me. So tough he was this man who used to be a dishwasher. So fragile this chef
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I especially love the mercy clouds, and the sun warming the suitcase.
Margaret said…
Very well done. A day often makes a difference - might mean a life time for some. So very sad as I enjoyed him. I wonder if people who knew him well knew he battled with depression - how well can people hide it? Makes one very think to be very careful how they treat people - what one says to another. We get so caught up in "busy" we don't stop and really listen. Of they three, my favorite poem is "Jones"
So unbelievable and sad. He had the ability to make you feel as if you knew him personally. I admired his honesty and grit. And the pome is a wonderful tribute.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Bourdain... His suicide, along with a string of losses over the years, reminds us that people can appear to have it all and have it all together. And yet they don't.

What a loss.

Jim said…
So very timely Shay, this affects me
I've had four friends
Who've died young
Their own
Brendan said…
You're channeling your bud. Taut as rock lyrics cut out of their throat. Sass on.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I especially like the last one, Shay.
Marian said…
I thought you'd likely not be a fan of this form but of course you've managed to create some profundity anyway! I adore them.

This week with public wrenching suicides has been really difficult. I know I've retreated to a darker place than once I inhabited. It's really hard to hold all of it. xoxo
Love them all. A wry smile for the satirical first; a laugh out loud of agreement for the second, and in appreciation of how you said it in that final line; and fell instantly in love with the third.
brudberg said…
Suicide is such a hard thing... I have stopped one I think... just by talking and giving options.
Helen said…
Shay, I love how you went right after this challenge ~~ I lost a friend to suicide years ago, and still feel the pain. #2 left me laughing and I realize how empty my reaction when reading prose cut into pieces.
hedgewitch said…
These are so perfect in themselves its hard to even visualize they are written in any particular form. The ripples of Bourdain's passing are evident, but the waters are deeper than just one man's journey, as your last one hints with such sad acceptance--it's in all of us, and finding and affirming life and happiness is the 24/7 job that never gets completely done. I especially like the middle one--it says exactly how I feel about those who think of poetry as a place to blah blah blah and get backpats for nothing.
Vivian Zems said…
A heart-wrenching reminder of one gone too soon. I smiled at you taking a pop at chopped up poetry. A kick-ass always.
Sorry if I missed a layer of meaning, as it seems from other comments I must have done. I was not acquainted with Mr Bourdain, even as a viewer.
Right on, babe. Tomorrow can and will be better- even if it's because it's not today. La la mosk
Anonymous said…
I've been sitting with these for a few days, eh?

Initially, I read them one way, then each with different pov(s). And each, for their "fussy" counts, well - hell, you still managed to break the form by making the words work for you, despite the constraints. And I have to say, really, I think I like the 3rd best - for the unusual word pairings - definitely makes me believe you wandered into "truer" poetic verse ... but yeah, I definitely liked all of them, for different reasons. And, well, I'm "aligned" with Hedge's comments.