What Would You Do If

What would you do if the sky gave up its birds
on an afternoon
made of the name you used to use?

Could you go home?
Would you even want to?
Appearing there, could you sing white dust and 8 bar blues in equal measures? 

for Sunday Muse.


WildChild47 said…
oh damn damn and mighty damn again -

I feel like I should be digging for alms to petition (in vain) for my soul.
Word tight. Word perfect.

(and what makes it even better in my books and peculiar, particulate and persnickety script of writing standards is that even without the image - this stands just right. Brava darlin', Brava)
tonispencer said…
The first stanza...perfection. It stands as a poem on its own.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my goodness. That first stanza. A knockout.
hedgewitch said…
This is eloquent of loss, but also, I think, of a perpetual home--one that hides occasionally, perhaps, but appears in the heart when needed. Beautiful, economical use of words makes less into more in this one, Shay.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Love the questions and thoughts in this that no one else could have conjured up but you Shay!! It does have a feel of loss in it. Kind of like a hard blow with a soft object that hits both the mind and the heart! I am in love with this poem!
Vicki said…
What if indeed, nice one.
So thought provoking, beautifully done.

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