Psalm For Students Out of Windows Staring

It's yours--that spot of sky obscured.
Dream aviary day and night.
It's yours, that blue by distance blurred.
It's yours--that spot of sky obscured.
Woolgather wing, woolgather bird
with astronaut for acolyte.
It's yours--that spot of sky obscured.
Dream aviary day and night.

for Sunday Muse #66.


Carrie Van Horn said…
A psalm for the truest of dreamers! This is wonderful Shay! The spirit wishes to say, you are a legend in your own time!
robkistner said…
I love the way this turned and returned to the significance of that patch of blue sky — to the possibility it represents. Very cool Shay!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
That patch of blue that inspires dreamers has companioned me and kept me Looking Up my entire life. There's a Sky-Show going on this very second! I love this poem, Shay.
robkistner said…
Frustrating Shay, but again, I have read the poet’s work on here this week, but the majority of the Blogger sites (unlike this particular one of yours) immediately disappear my comments — as does the main “The Sunday Muse” Blogger site... aargh#%!! Please, if you know, tell me what is different about this Blogger site of yours “Shay’s Word Garden” that DOES let me comment — and your other Blogger site “Black Snake ??...” which DOES NOT let me comment. Maybe you have the Blogger secret right in your hands? This Blogger mystery is driving me batshit! BTW, it was nice to have seen your picture today... face to a name I like. :-)
tonispencer said…
Live this poem Shay. That of blue sky - such a winderful path for the dreamers, free to fly.
robkistner said…
I feel it does relate to the age of the Blogger site Shay. The older Blogger sited seem to accept my comments, the newer ones do not. Seems Blogger is practicing discrimination?
I saw your picture on your blog.
**BTW — !BIG THANK YOU! my friend for posting on your Shay’s Word Garden site – but do not limit yourself for me. Not necessary. Please post on whatever of your sites calls you in the moment. i will simply always post ALL my comment only on your Word Garden… 🙂 …problem solved!
TheRustGeek said…
That bit of sky stark against the wall speaks of freedom... Thanks for sharing.
I was one of those students – and it's true what you say. That spot of sky grew larger and larger, until I was able to fly away into it (in an aeroplane, actually) and into Life.
Sioux Roslawski said…
This is such a wispy, stark poem... you do incredible things with not a lot of words...
grapeling said…
scans like a song to me. now just to find the tune ~

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