Trinket Jerry

Trinket Jerry senses your anger.
The gill-like organs under his lying tongue tell him exactly what booshwah you're going to spout,
before you ever open your mouth.

Trinket Jerry the bullshit fairy
knows you better than you know yourself.
He's got your number on his ticket,
your Shinola on his shelf.

"You're not making any sense," you complain bitterly,
following Ole Jer's latest escapade,
his Big Excuse Parade.

He senses your anger with the tiny hairs inside his big jug ears,
But Jerry just rocks on like a resistant virus
and there you are, Queen Twitchy of the 11th Hour,
wondering how Trinket Jerry turned I'm-with-stupid into us.

An off-the-cuff mess for Toads. (whispering) The password is..."trinket."


robkistner said…
This kicks ass Shay. I love your mind, it’s like a big shiny sarcastic wonderland! “Trinket Jerry, the bullshit fairy” ;-) I think I’d like ol’Jer...
tonispencer said…
Haha. I love Trinket Jerry. He reminds me a lot of you. You can sense out bullshit like a cat can find hidden cream. Trinket Jerry the Bullshit Fairy. You did a grand job on this Shay my lass.
kaykuala said…

Trinket Jerry the bullshit fairy

One can be engrossed with such elements making their rounds. They can be gentle but more often they can be outright hilarious. Love the humor, Shay!


Sherry Blue Sky said…
That's what i want to know, how he managed to turn i'm with stupid into us. He keeps us so mind:boggled, that seems an effective strategy, though he isnt smart enough to have a strategy.
Hmmm, I think maybe he visits me sometimes.
Margaret said…
Let him shine your shoes and then you can walk out the door and not look back! The 11th hour isn't too late! ...and most trinkets aren't valuables :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh my! It feels so good to read a Fireblossom response to a prompt! I do miss your work. This has made me smile with sheer delight. (Perhaps because I have known one too many bullshit fairies in my time)
Kim M. Russell said…
I have a big grin on my face at ‘Trinket Jerry the bullshit fairy’ and, like Sherry and everyone else, I’m wondering how he turned I'm-with-stupid into us.
Vivian Zems said…
And Shay strikes again! Love the sass in this :)
You've created Trinket Jerry in a true/believable style. I wonder if we'll
see him pop up again in your future writes? Part of me hopes so.
Arnab Majumdar said…
"Trinket Jerry the bullshit fairy"

That got me grinning. Brilliant!
Marian said…
Oh man, there goes Trinket Jerry spouting booshwah again! Booshwah??? I *love* that!!!
Steer clear of this dude. Oh wait, it's too late.
Only you would come up with Tirnket Jerry, the Bullshit Fairy! Love it Shay.
Susie Clevenger said…
"Trinket Jerry the bullshit fairy" I want that on a t-shirt. lol I cackled through this entire poem.