Robed Figures

image by mc__monster
Robed figures contemplate light and shadow,
involving themselves in the night's business.

Luminous bird, floating crescent moon
contain an offered curriculum
as momentary as new love.

It is in this milieu that I come seeking you,
long after any chance of discovery.

I call, I offer songs on silver plates
while disembodied watchmen persuade ashes to assume form
and name themselves, becoming hosts

For all that cannot touch, cannot hope
nor do anything but write night poems on water-paper
and eat stars to stun themselves beyond all curiosity.

for Toads Art FLASH.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love it, especially the closing lines.
tonispencer said…
and eat stars to stun themselves beyond all curiosity...oh my word. This is quite arresting. All of it is good but this last line leaves me breathless
Kerry O'Connor said…
Utterly beautiful!
Every line gave me a new onset of Chills!
Jae Rose said…
Wonderful imagery and a poem of great depth
Helen said…
Surreal .. unreal. Sigh.
Shay, those last lines- amazing!
Those last two stanzas were chilling. Beautiful writing, Shay!
brudberg said…
If I cannot hope (which is not far from the truth) night-poems is better than nothing.

love the star diet...
Kim M. Russell said…
Your poem has a dreamy quality, Shay, floating and surreal, especially the ‘curriculum as momentary as new love’, ‘night poems on water-paper’ and ‘eat stars to stun themselves beyond all curiosity’.
robkistner said…
Really enjoyed this Shay, and was captivated by the mystical essence of the ladt stanza — very cool! :-)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Wonderful beautiful amazing....none of these are sufficient for me. The way you put thoughts and words together to make me see and feel is like a spell. Every visit to read your poetry is a true thrilling adventure in imagery!!