Six Penny Poem

"The Architect by Erik Johansson
"Six Penny Poem"

I have written you this poem
made of lavender,
various weathers,
and six penny nails.
I've forgotten how to love, that's true
and never could accept the stuff.

Still, if your body were paper milled from butter and birch,
I would be flocked there and on the vines and boards
of a slant-lit garden.

This is a poem for absurd things, sweet things
last bloom and first frost
a poem for things I could not otherwise say,
a poem for you.

for Sunday Muse #78.


Carrie Van Horn said…
This should be the first poem in your next book Shay!! Evocative and almost like a love letter not just to a lover, but also to the world. Gorgeous!!! I so love "if your body were paper milled from butter and birch, I would be flocked there and on the vines and boards of a slant-lit garden." Wow! That truly is breathtaking Shay!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Sigh. Utter gorgeousness. Anyone who can write such a poem has not forgotten how to love. I agree with Carrie - first poem - an invitation - in your next book.
tonispencer said…
The last stanza - a love letter to the world. For the absurd things...this is truly a lovely poem - truly wonderful.
Margaret said…
Beautiful. "slant-lit" makes me think of a specific spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway that the road is on top of the crest, morning side in shadow when it is sunset (on the other side). The view both ways is amazing ... and I can never decide which is prettier - the "slant-lit" side which is soft and grey or the side the sun is on. I like the word "slant-lit" for what I see. And of course, the character's voice in this poem is gorgeous... although it sounds to me like it knows how to love!
indybev said…

There are poems we read at the end of which we touch the page and say "This is so fine". This is one of those!
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--What an utterly gorgeous poem. Visually and emotionally--such connections.

How lucky she is...
Truedessa said…
This is absolutely beautiful poetry. I read it a few times as once was not enough.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh Shay I love this. I agree it should be part of your next book. It has an amazing vulnerability. This is open heart honesty about love...time and pain takes a toll on the ability to love again, but by your ending the spirit still yearns for and knows how to love. There is a lot of fear in love at times.
Shay, it's excellence far exceeds my written capabilities and literary understanding. But it still got to me.
robkistner said…
Shay — wow! You collected exactly every word required, and placed them in the perfect order, with every “six-penny nail” precisely driven, to create this little “butter & birch” gem! It is a blast to read and read again — and that is what I will do several more times today, and time to time in the future.
Absolutely stunning, Shay, A collection of beautiful, feathery thoughts, placed in poem of love.
Jennifer Wagner said…
You write the most amazing love poems, even from this one who claims to have "forgotten how to love." Beautiful.
This is gorgeous.