Garden Of Love

then it's
love made,
price paid;


Cynthia said…
Wonderfully clever as well
as seductive.
Fireblossom said…
Thank you, Cynthia. Like you, sometimes I find brevity says more.
Honey Britches said…
I really like your poetry, very intelligently written. :) Poetry is actually my favorite medium as well, but I've put a pause on my poetry blogs till I graduate and have time to actually add to them again. Thanks for your comment. :)
hedgewitch said…
Do I sense a haiku-like element of less-is-more here? *ducks* Whatever it is, I like it--tight and extremely succinct--you can't boil it down any cleaner than this. Of the two reposts, both excellent, this is my favorite.
Anonymous said…
Love this one! I love the short choppy lines.
Maude Lynn said…
Yep, a definite haiku element (runs and hides behind Hedge).
Kay L. Davies said…
Wow! So much, but never too much, just all the right words in the right order. Love it!
Margaret said…
Sassy. Bold. Love this.
Kerry O'Connor said…
You wrapped this one up very neatly, and the choice of comparative flowers replaces the need for lengthy explanations. Flowers used to a most effective degree here.