Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"In Time" by special guest poet Kelly Dickson

(I've been given permission from my dear friend Kelly Dickson to post her poem "In Time" here at the Word Garden. I think it's a special poem, by a special gal. See if you don't agree.)

In time

The heat of your breath felt on the base of my neck
Shhhhhh. Kkkkk. Shhhhhh

The tip of your nose draws an imaginary line, along my spine
What. Next. What.

The pulsating tingling exuding from your fingertips, find my own
Beat. Stop. Beat.

i have found my way but yet i am not quite home
i have found the immortal in mortality and i...
can barely speak for finding...
barely move for feeling
i suspend all time by
being in time and
on time
i am..


Fireblossom said...

Mm, my favorite poem by one of my favorite poets! After all, there you are, right in my list on the main page...I hope you don't mind sharing space with all those no-names!

Cynthia said...

Yes, this is a special piece,
there is a feel to this poem of
inhaling and exhaling small,
sounding slips of breath.

Anonymous said...


Very cool. There's a lot of music in this one, which is fitting.

I love the "losing my mind" lines, like L2 and L5.

This is awesome: "The tip of your nose draws an imaginary line, along my spine"

The immortal in mortality. Yes. I like that. That is something a person can claim, regardless of circumstances. Stepping outside of time and place.

And sometimes all we can control is being on time ... yet, when we are in the moment, we are also very much "here." Which may not be home. Hmmmm, a lot to think about in this one. Great job, Kelly Dickson.