Sunday, July 6, 2008


If your lips have gone numb,

Kiss a woman--

They will burn with heightened sense.

If your hands have gone mute,

Touch a woman--

They will discover eloquence.

If your heart has slept too long,

Love a woman--

'Til the dawn comes back around.

And if your eyes have gone dry,

Lose a woman--

Poor sweet baby, they will drown.



lissa said...

very true. love the structure and the flow and the repetition.

chella said...

always love yr opening pic! did u take it? you see so well: If your hands have gone mute,/ Touch a woman--/ They will discover eloquence. btw, i think rossetti's model was elizabeth siddal.

Fireblossom said...

Thank you, Flying Turtle Lady :-)

Thank you, Chella. Yes I did take that photograph last time I visited San Antonio, Texas. I also took the one at the bottom of the blog, of the side entrance to the Alamo mission.

And yes! That's her!

Wordcrafter said...

Very nice, simple and beautiful

Mihir said...

Now if i could only find a woman :P

cool poems, and i mean the ones i read anyway.

Fireblossom said...

Wordcrafter, thank you, it's always nice to have you here!

Sharkbuttocks said...

Wow! Very well done.

Fireblossom said...

Hi Sharkbutt! Itsh me, Bosco! Mommy is making lemonade and cant come to the compewter. How you teef? Tanks for commenting, she will luv that you did!

yor frend,

Bosco the dog

Sharkbuttocks said...

Hi Bosco,
Foodchik no usually let me comment, so me was happiness to do it.

Have a happy day.
your friend,

Kelly Dickson said...

heh heh! right on sistah xxx

Fireblossom said...

oOo it's K!!!

^5 v5 BUMP!