Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dove Black Sky

Note: in my April 9th post, "Dust", the Queen Of The Vampires was gravely injured by a vampire hunter. Her story continues here.

To be a cat in a poppy field

Is not such a bad thing.

(No matter that it is a hallucination.

No matter that a vampire hunter's attack has put her there, teetering...)

Rasputin sits with the Queen Of The Vampires, who lies still amid the red blooms in her favorite illusionary black panther form.

His tunic is dirty and frayed.

A Russian cross sits on his chest, suspended from a leather thong,

Like God's emblem in a stirrup.

"немного один" he whispers, cradling her soft ear in his giant hand. "Little One."

His love is like a warm samovar--



The vampire hunter is dead,

Flat as a pancake in a Target parking lot.

Some saw a large vehicle,

A woman,

A lightning strike from a blue sky.

Others report the miracle of black doves,

Carrying tiny bells in their feet,


You might find it strange that a staretz--

A wandering holy man, and long-dead besides--

Should treat a Vampire Queen so tenderly.


They both know what it means to be lost.

They both know that church spires, whether onion-domed or not,

Rise up like smoke above the sinful world.

The Queen Of The Vampires opens her eyes.

Her head, her ebony-haired human head, is resting on the Dark Haired Chick's thigh

In a pristine, untorn booth

At Danny's Coffee Shop.

She is looking down at the Dark Haired Chick's boot.

There is grit on the heel,

As if from a newly-resurfaced chain store space.

The QOTV's lips curl in a smile,

Imagining her sitting, waiting, watching the rear view mirror and making up fabulously creative--

And shockingly obscene--

Pet names for the people honking at her, coveting her spot.

Now the QOTV will recover.

Now she will remember,

She is Queen and all her powers will return;

But she will carry Rasputin in her heart,

And the poppies,

As well as a new white streak in her hair

Like an opium dream

In a dove black sky.


for One Shoot Sunday

top photograph by Fee Easton


Brian Miller said...

i lovevisiting danny's and nice pick up from before...the miracle of black doves with bells...that thought stirkes fear in my heart...but i am glad she carries a bit of him...we each do in those we touch...

Lolamouse said...

There could be a lot worse than waking up in Danny's Coffee Shop! Those black doves are kinda freaky though!

dustus said...

I was at first intrigued by the title of "Dove Black Sky" which sets quite an imaginative tone in continuation from "Dust." Great visual story telling. (My grandma used to call me "трохи один" thank goodness for Google translate ;) What strikes me most is the way you infuse social commentary into references, historical figures—smooth versatile language use.

jen revved said...

As ever, you are out in front in terms of the overtime working of your imagination-- and the lyric it forces into being. The poppy refs add a blood-red touch of color to your amazing tale. xxxj

Sioux said...

Any time Rasputin pops up, I pay attention. (What a fascinating figure to drop into your poem...)

I loved the idea of them both being "lost" and the image of the onion-domed churches...

Holy ___ ! (Figuratively AND literally!)

Kerry O'Connor said...

I don't know the full story, but love the language you use in this episode. My fave lines were:

Others report the miracle of black doves,
Carrying tiny bells in their feet,

I just love that image.

Raven said...

I swear, you just get more and more amazing with every poem you write. The imagery is so vivid and it works its way into your soul and blooms. Just amazing!

Lisa said...

Who doesn't love next installments! Especially when one wasn't expecting it! YAY :D

If I had an imagination like your's I'd be tempted to live in it. Could make it all doable.

I miss you. xx

hedgewitch said...

The QOTV at last knows some fleeting happiness. It gladdens my heart, even if Rasputin is lurking somewhere murmuring Russian endearments, and the sky is full of, black doves, I mean. I love this saga, I could read about these characters every day and never feel I knew them, yet by the end of the poem I always feel I do.

Claudia said...

from a cat in a poppy field to the Queen Of The Vampires to danny's coffee goodness...what a journey..highly enjoyable...

ayala said...

What a journey- beautiful !

Cloudia said...

Danny's yay!

Thrilled to be BACK-

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




Anonymous said...

Skillful blending of fanstasy and pop culture (flattened in a Target parking lot!)

Isabel said...

vivid, imaginative lines. wonderful

signed...bkm said...

The whole piece an opium dream - and a trip to Danny's - served with Russian Tea cakes for a Queen....I hope you compile - a book and call it Danny's Coffee Shop...bkm

Jinksy said...

I spy poppy laden dreams...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh my freaking God, you are so ASTOUNDING! Brilliant writing, fantastically rich story.......and I adore the "opium dream in a dove black sky." First rate writing. Wowzers.

Mama Zen said...

Just as your page had loaded enough for me to see that this was a post about the QOTV, my internet crashed. I think I got pretty fabulously creative and shockingly obscene with pet names for my service provider.

The Queen will live. I think that I can breathe now.

HermanTurnip said...

The last time I found myself rolling around in a poppy field was several years ago, but unseen hands swiftly guided me back home and into my own bed. It wasn't until the next day that my friends told me that they found me face down in a Circle K parking lot clutching an empty bottle of "Old Gypsy" whiskey.

mac said...

Whew !
QOTV being a favorite of mine, I am relieved. If she needsa neck to chew on until she's back on her feet, send her my way .

Anonymous said...

"Like an opium dream
In a dove black sky."

i love your imagery throughout.
you always slay me!

TALON said...

I loved it, Shay. I especially love the streak in the hair.

Ann Grenier said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I thought I'd repost/copy my reply to your comment here:
"@ Fireblossom - Thanks for your indulgence. I feel my old lady pace must bore you to tears. I read your work and am at a loss to comment on areas of culture and life about which I haven't a clue, such as the modern interest in vampires. I read your poem yesterday three times and felt too clutzy to say anything substantive. I so look forward to reading your witty quips on others' blogs. I laugh out loud at times! Keep it up and thanks so much for visiting here."

Daryl said...

Phew, that was close ... and an untorn booth .. that wont last for long

Lynn said...

Wow - a white streak in the hair now. Cool.

A.S. said...

Belo!... como um sonho de ópio!...


Helen said...

Ann G and I may be close to the same age ... I feel that clutzy vibe when I attempt leaving a comment for you too!!!

Thanks for reading my Magpie ... I laughed out loud while I wrote it. Damned librarians.