Thursday, April 19, 2012


The desert sun, trailing crimson, gold, and coral like a dying exotic,
Curled itself within your sweating gin glass;

When your red-taloned fingers closed around it, the bird turned black,
And darkness spread itself, proud, merciless.

Do you think you are the only light?
A star in the indigo, the devil's darling?

All right. You are the only...brightness. It isn't the same thing--
And every flame breeds smoke, its shadow.

I curl back to you, always, darling.
I come, thick with what we created together,

To devote myself to you forever;
To hold you, and choke you with my kiss.


Sioux said...

"Curled itself within your sweating gin glass...To hold you and choke you with my kiss."

Wonderful lines, Fireblossom.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh those first two stanzas are thick with ripe imagery, and set the mood perfectly... all these dangerous women, Shay...Tsk,tsk!!

hedgewitch said...

"it isn't the same thing...' but so hard to live in the dark we ignore that little detail. The second stanza is like a stab to the heart--so it comes, on wings that cover the sun--and the last lines distill the bitter from the sweet and pour it generously. Fine writing, Shay, and the gypsy may lie but not the pen.

Brian Miller said... the last two stanzas on this...the returning, the intimacy and the give and taking that is love...or something a little darker...smiles.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I love how you bring so many words out of the back of the closet and wear them, wrap them around you, and you show them off as a completely perfect ensemble. You are beautiful and I am your ugly jealous stepsister! Loved this and love you - Moskareena

Helen said...

The desert sun, the sunsets, the sunrises ... I am captivated by them! Loved your poem, especially the first two lines! (someone told me I must have been a lizard in another life)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful....I so admire your strong gypsy heart!!!!

Shawna said...

That is a potent mixture of swirl curled up inside a sip of gin.

Good stuff, Shay:

"A star in the indigo, the devil's darling?"

"And every flame breeds smoke, its shadow."

"I come, thick"

Lynn said...

Oh - that's hot!

HermanTurnip said...

"Do you think you are the only light?
A star in the indigo, the devil's darling?"

This could describe the desert night. It's no wonder why I love camping out in the middle of nowhere. Will be going back to Anza Borrego at the end of the month to celebrate my birthday, with no light pollution, and nothing but the endless stars above me.

kulasa said...

I wish to tell you that I love each word I read...

Mama Zen said...

Every line of this slithers and wraps itself around you like a snake!