Monday, April 9, 2012

National Summary Execution Month

Bernard begins to find NaSumExMo burdensome.
Oh, it was fun at first--
the camaraderie, 
the challenge,
the attention!
from reporters and police.

But now,
NaSumExMo seems like a mistake.

His girlfriend, Ashley, does not understand.
"I was talking," she complains.
"I was trying to tell you about something,
and you just keep fucking with that guillotine
and those god damn melons!"

She leaves him.
Her fragrance fades, replaced by the smell of gun oil.

Bernard finds that he has a blemish
on his cheek.
He frowns at it in the mirror, while shaving,
and would turn it if he had not made
this stupid commitment.

"Show me the thing that cannot become a commonplace,"
whines Bernard.
There are days when there really is no deserving miscreant,
and he goes about his business out of duty
rather than joy.

So what?
Why did he think this would be worthwhile,
or fun?

"Kill me," he begs another participant.
Ennui has left him unhinged.

Ashley finds him, rocking like a defective in an alley,
twirling his hair,

"Come on, Bernie," she coaxes, softly.
She leads him home,
to the old couch with the floral sheet spread over it,
and the cats.
She heats some chicken noodle for him,
as if he were seven years old and 
home with a cold.

Later, in bed,
She kisses his chapped, razor-nicked face,
and asks,
"Sooo...what are we going to say, if they ask you again,
next month?"

"No..." he replies, eventually, in a vacant monotone.
She kisses him again,
happy to take him back.

"That's right, baby."
And it is.



Mama Zen said...

Careful, I feel a new meme coming on!

hedgewitch said...

Too convulsed at NaExMoPoWooWoo to leave a comment. Besides, I have 22 more poems to write. Sorry.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So hilarious! "Ennui has left him unhinged." Me, too!

Cloudia said...

title made me laugh wine out of my nose out loud!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



Sioux said...

How about NaSiFiMo? That way, the rest of us could feel more productive than you--at least for the month? ;)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Only you would go there... and you did. This is why I'm such a die-hard fan.
Behind the wry sarcasm,lies a very real truth: no artist (be he executioner or poet) can work effectively under external pressure, where head count alone becomes the goal. You have given us something to think about.

Shawna said...

Hmmmm, I think homegirl is ready for her turn dropping the guillotine. :) That's why she's happy to take him back.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

It's like watching a little movie, your writing is. I love the conceit of the executioner, and how even something that sensational becomes banal. Bernard, county yourself luck to even have a job in this economy.

I wish I could write like you.
Much love and jealousy, Moskowitz

Lolamouse said...

One meme a year is plenty for this mouse! and the fact that I can irk you with it all month is icing on the cake! (giggles madly!) I love this poem, BTW.

Daryl Edelstein said...

poor Bernie ... listen to Ash . just say no

Anonymous said...

i usually read your poetry and think i'd love to live in your mind... now i'm not so sure....