Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hero To Us !

Corey Rowley walks into Danny's Coffee Shop.
Her eyes half-closed, the Succubus purrs, "Hi, Dreamboat!"

Chloe the serial killer steps in front of her.
"Pay no attention to Sleepytime Gal over there. Let's go get better acquainted, Cor."
With a roll of her hips, she steps closer,
looking down then back up.

"I can't consort with sinners, " says Corey.

"Huh???" say the Succubus and Chloe in unison. 

As Corey sits down, Denise the waitress brings him a bottle of tequila and a suggestive smile.

"None for me," he says. "Bring me a bottle of Squirt, and a lime, please."
She does, but with the most quizzical expression on her face.
When she sets them on the table, 
Savanna the teenage runaway takes the knife from her boot
and offers it, handle first, to Our Hero.
"For the lime."

"Is that a weapon?" he asks, sounding shocked. "Do your parents know you carry that? Shouldn't you be in school?"

As the Danny's girls all stand around looking at him as if he'd grown an extra head,
God the waitress walks up and plants herself in Corey's lap.
Crossing her legs, she unwraps a candy bar and feeds it to him.
"It's a Snickers, baby. Cos you're not you when you're hungry!"

He downs the candy bar and looks a little dazed for a moment.
In the next booth, the Dark-Haired Chick is wearing way cool shades
and petting the Queen of the Vampires, in black panther form.
The QOTV sets her ears back, shows her fangs and lets loose with a fearsome growl.
Corey blinks, then smiles.
"Hi, Shay!"

After that, Corey hangs out and plays guitar for the Danny's girls, 
who are all over him like white on rice.
Somehow, he endures.

for Real Toads "penny for your thoughts."


hedgewitch said...

This is so perfect, Shay. LMAO.

Cloudia said...

you're friggin Moliere!

(I always assumed you were ALL of the Danny's women, especially in panther form. I'm in gray panther form myself)

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Kerry O'Connor said...

Corey gets to hang out with all the coolest people!

Sam Edge said...

Yikes!. Well now I know where all my ex girlfriends drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

so coffee is how vampires stay awake all night? sounds about right. :)

Herotomost said...

Holy have been inside my dreams again, how cool would that be!!!!! I can be quite cranky when presented with a low blood sugar situation, but I assure that presented with this scenario, I would think I died and went to heaven!!!!! LOL...I think this is the next HBO series, I better start working out in case you write in some nude scenes for me! Move over True Bloodher comes Danny's Girls...oh yeah. thanks for playing Shay!!!!!

Mama Zen said...

Perfect, Shay!

Daryl said...

i have missed Danny's