Murder Because (for Leelah Alcorn)

Murder because God is not a bludgeon to be used against your own children.
Murder because you couldn't stand the truth.
Murder because destroying a soul in the name of God is an obscene lie.
Murder because everywhere 
to be seen as feminine is to be seen as less.

Murder because you hammered nails through her wings and called it a cross.
Murder every time you called her "he".
Murder every time you used the name she knew was not hers,
and drove the despair in a little deeper every time you did.

Murder because of the rape of spirit that is conversion therapy.
Murder because you stuffed God's mouth full of your own lies.
Murder because this must not happen again.
Murder because you drove the sanctimonious unstoppable truck
that she stepped in front of and was smashed by dogma dressed up as Jesus. 

Murder again and again even after she's dead, through the things you say.
Murder because there is no bible anywhere that says it is better to bury your children
than to love them for who they really are.
Cisgendered, transgendered, genderqueer, gay, bi, or straight,
America's children are talking; don't let God be the only one who listens.

On December 28th, 2014,  sixteen year old Leelah (born Joshua) Alcorn killed herself by stepping in front of a truck. She did this after having told her parents that she was transgendered; their response was to declare her truth "a phase" and to send her to Christian conversion therapy. Feeling isolated and hopeless, she decided that ending her life was her only option. Even after her death, her parents spoke of their "unconditional love" for their "son." 



Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a tragic story. So many "little" deaths, before someone just cant take it any more. Powerfully written, my friend.
Sioux Roslawski said…
How could a parent think that driving their child to suicide was proof of their love?

Who was Leelah really and truly hurting? Did her gender really change the person she was inside... the person that mother gave birth to... the person that father helped create?

This sounds like a case of homicide, not suicide.
hedgewitch said…
'Religion' has a lot to answer for--and it always seems to have no problem justifying every horrible cruelty, every sin--"Murder because you stuffed God's mouth full of your own lies." That says it all for me. I have been reading about this insane Josh Duggar case, where the religious right is defending his molestation of his two underage sisters, and the parents covered it all up...same difference--put your lies, your self-justifications for sin and self-indulgence and cruelty into god's mouth. This case you illuminate in all its sadness here is even more tragic in many ways, as you make us see the total denial of a person's reality, identity and self so clearly.Fine writing in on a foul subject.
Lolamouse said…
There are so many Leelahs out there who are hurting and isolated and need support through their journeys, not condemnation. So many horrors done in the name of God.
Kerry O'Connor said…
smashed by dogma dressed up as Jesus.

And that sums up everything I have against organized religion.
Sara said…
The last line is like a punch in the gut. The only thing I'd say is its not just America, it seems to me it has more to do with religion and beliefs/expectations about "how things should be" than a recognition of how they actually are.

Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just they're alive and human. ~ Albert Ellis
Cloudia said…
Sadly, the madness continues, though improving generally.... (Time Magazine SAYS so!)

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ALOHA from Honolulu,
Maude Lynn said…
This is incredibly powerful, Shay. It breaks my heart.
Anonymous said…
This is hard to read, but powerful. There really is no one who has earned the right to point a finger at anyone else.