I Need Dis !

"Aw shucks!"
The amazing Zac has been in his new home with me for three weeks now, and he has really settled in. He is very pleased to have his own royal forest, er, yard to romp around in, and a large human toy (me) to play with.

Zacky has a toy pile where he stashes anything that he feels he needs. This has included a biography, a sneaker, a Croc, my eyeglasses (he didn't damage them, but pilfered them off of the night stand) and the rug from just inside the side door. "I need deez!" he explained to a local reporter (me). 

Sir Zac eats like a little piggy and I have needed to loosen his collar about once a week! We are visiting the vet today and they will let me know if I have overdone it with the kibble, but I don't think that I have. I think this boy is still growing! If there is no kibble in the offing, Zachariah Puddington MacNeil Popodopoulos has no problem eating my hand, instead. "I am froshus!" he explained to that same reporter. 

Often, young Zac will be inside on the couch, on his back, getting a belly rub, and still be ferocious. The teeth! Oh my! Run for your life! Or just continue with the belly rub.

So, in conclusion, who knows what may end up in the magical mystical toy pile next. Sasquatch? Nessie? A particularly nice stick from outside? Stay tuned to find out!


Mr Puddy said…
Nice to meet you, Zac =^x^=
Sound like... we really can't make da VET happy, can we ?
Have a great weekend
Maude Lynn said…
Good luck at the vet, Zac!

Big Snoop
Cloudia said…
So Glad for both of you
Anonymous said…
I love "I am froshus!"

So cute. :)
Sioux Roslawski said…
And the puppy/doggie breath. Don't forget that.

He is a lucky dog, and such a cutie. And yeah, they love to put our arms or hands in their mouths. We must be mighty tasty.
TexWisGirl said…
baby puppy! awesome!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love him being "froshus"....LOL. He sounds so happy and looks absolutely adorable. Will he get taller?
Lynn said…
Zac sounds so fun!