Bee On My Tongue

There is a blush on my cheeks,
the devil in my eye,
and an angel on my shoulder.

I am a red leaf on a white breeze.
I am the woman who can be counted on
not to do what you have told her.

Still, hold me.
Fuck me if you want.
I'll be waiting for the moment when I speak of my desire. 

As a girl, I went to school
and church as I was bidden.
I learned a lot on empty pews in the dark long after choir.

hold me. Wrap me up and say I'm home.
I'll press my lips so silent-grateful to your ear.

On my tongue, a hidden bee;
queen of sweetness, queen of sting--
feel my fingers in your hair. Hear and shiver. Show no fear.

for Magaly's mini-challenge at Real Toads. Obviously, I wrote about bee #3.


brudberg said…
It does sting... Yes that's a bee to be
hedgewitch said…
Second stanza is my favorite--and the sweetness before the sting is sometimes worth it--depending on the situation. I am picturing a silent, empty church for some reason, with a bee buzzing against the window now..our yesterdays look so different through the windows of our tomorrow, and the girls (or bees)we were never seemed to find that clover meadow, did they?
. said…
I need directions to your bed, please.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"Wrap me up and say I'm home"...been waiting for that my whole entire life.
Outlawyer said…
A super clever response to the prompt; the enjambment is especially wonderful here, always full of surprises and renewed poetry. Thanks, Shay. k.
Magaly Guerrero said…
If I grinned any bigger, my face might suffer permanent damage. Love this bee. We should all do what we love. And like doing it, too.
Rommy said…
I think you worked all three bees into this one, a queen who is unafraid to be unconventional and willing to work a bit for what she wants. I love how strong this poem is.
Fireblossom said…
Why thank you, Rommy. :-)
Anonymous said…
Your bee knows who she is, and doesn't care who knows it - I love that!
Sioux Roslawski said…
"Wrap me up and say I'm home" is such a sweet line.

I STILL wonder how you do this every day. Amazing.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh my, thank goodness I am sitting under a ceiling fan. This is steamy good!
Mama Zen said…
"I'll be waiting for the moment when I speak of my desire."

Can you handle it when I do? Can you handle the truth of me? That's what I read.
Fireblossom said…
Thank you, MZ. Thank you for totally getting it.
Lynn said…
I had to go read about the three bees - I love your take on bee #3.
Helen said…
Pure golden awesomeness! Whew.

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