In Rosebush, Tammy left her face on the tavern wall, as per tradition.
It still speaks voiceless poems, but there's been damage to both ears.
In Ishpeming, Lilah screwed the city council one by one, all sexes.
This altered the zoning requirements for her perfect ass. Expiry: five years.

Mount Pleasant hasn't got a hill higher than a cardboard box,
and the gurus all drop their donations at the casino in hopes of a big score.
Behind the development, I showed Kim the streamy trails,
but a cross-breeze talked me into folding and spindling the trees into two-by-fours.

Dad, a Harvard man, had a raccoon coat
and a pennant in a suitcase at the back of the closet at home.
Me, I spend all my time kissing T's face at the tavern
but nobody's yet used to two girls like that and they bet, quite correct,

that I leave
stoned and blown
older, odder,
and alone.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, those closing lines! How they resonate with me. Been leaving places like that my whole life, odder and alone. Smiles. A fabulous write, as always.
hedgewitch said…
The spirit here is barbed and rueful, but somehow, indomitable and infinitely wise--to self, to scams of city councils, to the beauty of fading ears smeared with bar-room always, totally original, erotically strong and clean, and full of the uniquely painful craftwork carvings the heart makes on the soul.

This is the tune to which
I'm reading your poem:
brudberg said…
There seen to be places that are too small for large minds... I guess there is a reason for the existence of Mega-Cities.
Gillena Cox said…
adventurous and interesting

much love...
Margaret said…
The small town minds will long remember - you will soon forget them!
Sioux Roslawski said…
Oh, those last four short lines... magnifique!
Mr Puddy said…
" spend all my time kissing T's face "
You know what ?
In this world, T's face is probably good, but if you have a chance to kiss Puddy's Face ... You will learn what's BEST ! *** Smile with whiskers ****
Maude Lynn said…
"Lilah screwed the city council one by one, all sexes.
This altered the zoning requirements for her perfect ass."

That made my morning; possibly my entire day.
TexWisGirl said…
older, odder and alone... *sigh*
Stacie Eirich said…
To speak of places we've left -- and the marks they leave upon is -- devastating, but needed, I think. A powerful poem. Thanks for sharing.
"In Rosebush, Tammy left her face"

That was a priceless opening.