Emmeline By Wolf Light

Emmeline by wolf light
keeps Christmas in her own way--
mostly by night,
not much by day.

Emmeline in the evergreens
keeps a cookie called the Moon
in her pocket with her lighter
lit-burned sweet and brighter so it seems.

Emmeline in snow-skin
by witch light scratching at the door
to be let be, and be let in
to give you wolf light, nothing more.

mini for the mini-challenge.

sort of a companion piece to "Emmeline By Evening." 


hedgewitch said…
An incantation that brings All Hallows into the cold season Christmas where the heart has only wolf-light(or witchlight) by which to see. As always, even your tenderest poems have a bit of tooth and claw. Just magical, Shay and thanks for making my day with the rhyme.
brudberg said…
I do like the thought of the wolf light... maybe that's the only way to cope with night.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the cadence of your lines, the hints of rhyme and especially the images of the final stanza. I would like to meet this Emmeline.
Mama Zen said…
The final stanza is so perfect it just kills me. Love this.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Sigh. "To give you wolf light. Nothing more." Gorgeous. On the hand on the right, I can see Pup's face under the moon.
I need this to be a children's book, and I need Emmie to be a little girl with her pet wild thing.

Plus, remember the book we read, Shiver? Did you ever finish the series?
You really should write offbeat children's books ... for the quirky kids, for the one-day porcupine poets.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--The lines are so simple. I initially fell in love with the first stanza (the most) and then reread it a couple of times. Now I can't decide which is my favorite. It's the perfect photo, too.

(By the way--don't rush. Don't worry and don't even think of apologizing. That POS WIP might take lots of time to wade through. :)
Marian said…
Ah... yes, perfect and I'd like to hear you read this.
Margaret said…
The photo is way cool, Emmeline such a pretty name, and your poetry often has both a tenderness and an edge to it. You make it look easy but I'd love to know how long you ponder a poem...

a cookie called the Moon! Love!
Susie Clevenger said…
I don't know what to say. This is amazing..It does feel like an incantation. I would love to hear it read aloud.
grapeling said…
you do weave magic, Shay ~
Cloudia said…
A real nice one! No less important for being brief and 'light'
Loved the images here - love you and wish you a beautiful end of the year - Happy Xmas (and anything else you may celebrate), la la Mosk
Cloudia said…
Still got it, moon cookie. The lighter makes it immediate and sweet-ediate

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