Sunday, March 8, 2009

Emeline By Evening


is slender

like the chances

of crepes

in the morning.


skin is smooth

like sectioned glass

in the open,



Lazy traffic

glides past below;

potted geraniums

and changing lights

are red.

Try Emeline's

bed of brass and white;

her hair is short

and she calls her cat



Daryl said...

your words paint such vivid images, every time I read one of your poems I wish I could illustrate it .. here I would have a window sill with geraniums and just behind it the eyes of a cat peeking that's what I 'see'

david mcmahon said...

That works in so many different accents, Shay. Bravo.

Kelly Dickson said...

oOo amante... lol... had to look that up, i like the way this is written, can't put my finger on it, (like Emeline!) but i like it!

Anonymous said...

I really like the first part - great way to describe slender.

Pouty Lips said...

He beat me to my comment but I'll put it in my own style. I was going to say that love is wonderful in any language be it French, Italian, or Spanish. This is really magnifique, Blossom.

Fireblossom said...

I love the image that makes, Daryl. I would love nothing better than to publish a book of my poetry with someone's accompanying photographs or artwork. That would be the ultimate to me.

Even an Aussie accent, David? Apparently so! Thank you, sir.

Mm, yep, Emeline is elusive, as I see her. Love your comments, K. love you, too.

Ha, thanks, K. (so many K's today!)

Merci, Madame Pouty. :-)

Mama Zen said...

If I had written this, it would have to read:

is nonexistent
like my chances
of crepes
in the morning.

Then, it would kind of suck.

Love this one!

Riot Kitty said...

Meow mix! You know, there is a lesbian bar in NYC by that name. Or at least there was when I was in college.

Riot Kitty said...

Hey, btw, you should totally enter this contest:

Shadow said...

this is truly very nice!!!

Scarlet said...

Amante...that lucky cat! ;)

Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

I didn't think I could like it more, but I *reread* this in the Spanish accent. Fantastic.

[Portuguese, I didn't like - my screen got too messy from the 'th's .]

Extremely lovely.

Debbie said...

I can only do southern accent but it was nice in that too.

Fireblossom said...

LOL Mama Zen, you nut!

Oh, too good, RK. I love it. And you can be sure I'll be following that link. Thanks so much, twin.

Thank you, Shadow!

He probably just takes it as his due, Scarlet. ;-)

Thanks, Zerilda, and welcome to the Word Garden! I love your blog. Your Scary Clown award was richly deserved, in my little opinion. :-)

Wow, the adventures my little poems get up to after I've written them! Now Debbie, don't get it started liking grits.

Jannie Funster said...

Not much chance of crepes around here, either.

boo hoo.

vicariousrising said...

Mmm...." slender like the chance of crepes in the morning."

I really like that. It made me think of emmaline being like the delicate folds of crepes herself, all soft, pliable and lightly golden.

Fireblossom said...

Geez, everyone focused on the dang crepes!

oo, I do like that, Vicarious. Yep yep. :-)