Come over.
For dinner.
Here's a box and a bowl.
Something wrong with Rice Chex?

What I want,
what I'm in a fever for,
is that book.
Dja bring it?

Here I am,
ever the lady,
climbing you like a fire ladder.
Not kissing you--
I want the book.

Got it!
Go, now. 

for Flash 55 at Toads.


Sioux Roslawski said…
"Climbing you like a fire ladder" is hilarious.

You can work magic, Shay, even in just 55 words...
hedgewitch said…
How our passions change with time and experience, eh? Or perhaps not, perhaps we just learn better ways of satisfying them. ;_)
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Yowza! This is deliciously intense, Shay!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
LOL, I enjoyed your labels as much as the poem itself. Yup. Books and dogs........they're the best.
tonispencer said…
This made me smile hugely. You go girl! Grab that book and be damned to the man...of course, the dog smiles also at these antics.
Kerry O'Connor said…
The lengths one will go to for a good book.
Fireblossom said…
I wonder who "Frank" Kafka is? I just noticed that.
Cloudia said…
love this piece, Shay. "book." Is that what the kids are calling it ?
mac said…
Ordinarily,I would probably share the book freely. But, I would love to see the climb.
"Inside a dog ..." You are hilarious. :)
Ha ha ha! (I understand perfectly.)
Dani H said…
rice chex... really? give your guests one of the sugary ones like fruit loops, cocoa puffs or captain crunch.

Brendan said…
Let's be Frank: Better a book in hand than all hands lost in a bed.