Rather Large Cat Diary

Ah, our patience has paid off:
A Fireblossom in its natural habitat!
This one is a female. She looks to be
an older girl...I don't see any kittens anywhere,
although there does seem to be some sort of wild dog shadowing her,
hoping to scavenge a morsel.

Look, look!
The dog's strategy may be about to pay off,
because we see that the Fireblossom has moved to a large white object
in which she has stored food for later.
This is great....we get to see her pulling out...
what is that? Oh! Some apple pie, and now some ice cream.
(whispering) It's only ten a.m. here, so we were very lucky to catch this scene!

All right. The Fireblossom and her canine shadow are on the move.
They're on the way to a sort of den she's made,
something naturalists call a "living room."
See how she carries her meal on a round flat object rather than in her mouth!
Such ingenuity! 
She's half way there...but wait! Oh dear, what's this?

A small black object in the corner is making some sort of sounds.
It's hard to tell exactly what it is, but...
wait....it's some kind of rhythmic song.
Yes! It's what young hominids in the 1970's called "disco".
It's a sort of mating call, often accompanied by frenetic movements
designed to attract  a partner,
or, sometimes, they just do it for no particular reason,
at least not that we can understand.

Anyway,this could be trouble!
She's moving. With the round food-bearing object in her hand...
Oh no. Oh dear.
She appears to be reacting to the sounds from the box.
An animal of this age and size should never....
See that! She almost spilled the food! 
The wild dog was licking his chops,
he thought the dinner bell was about to ring!
Here she goes again. Watch out for that couch! And the coffee table! 

We've seen some close calls, haven't we?
She had better settle in a tree or under a shrub
or even on that couch and consume her meal.
Hyenas may come and try to steal it--
the dog seems to be trying to tell her this!
But no, she's swaying her hips, moving her arms around--
and there it goes! Oh no! All over the floor, er, ground!
What a windfall for the dog!

Oh! Listen! I think we caught her on mic.
Yes. Yes, there it was. 
When irritated or angry, she'll make these short aggressive vocalizations.
But look at the dog! He doesn't care.
Now the Fireblossom is headed back into the other room again...
Look! She seems to have cooled off
and she's making a sort of snapping noise with her phalanges, or "fingers." 
What's that she's got? 
I'm trying to see now...
Car....car...carpet....carpet cleaner!

Well! I'm afraid we're out of time,
but it's been a pretty exciting morning, hasn't it?
Please join us next time on Rather Large Cat Diary! 

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Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is so hilarious. I grinned all the way through. But thought she was going back for more pie. Lol.
hedgewitch said…
Laughing various body parts off. I always knew that 'disco' mating ritual was dangerous.
Cloudia said…
Retirement has brought you to new levels of exploration! I really enjoyed being with you and the pup
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh for a sighting of the Fireblossom in her natural habitat.. I smiled the whole way through.
Anonymous said…
I heard the whole thing in the voice of David Attenborough which added to the mirth already present in the writing.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I should not eat lunch and read things so utterly funny....I almost choked to death laughing. This is awesome!!!
brudberg said…
I cannot stop laughing... especially after reading Paul's comment...
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious. What a an entry in that Rather Large Cat Diary. I so needed the laughs. Thanks so much for writing for the prompt!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the laugh
This is so good.
Jennifer Wagner said…
Oh, how I enjoyed this! So delightful and fun to read!
Kim M. Russell said…
Just what I needed this Friday morning. You've got me chuckling, Shay. I could hear David Attenborough's voice as I read!
Dani H said…
LOVE this, SP!

A very rare sighting indeed -- i love the "short aggressive vocalizations" and that the dog doesn't care.

the hamster song is something else.

Brendan said…
"A Day In The Life" meets "Funkytown" for a rare glimpse of FB habitat. Every big cat should own a dog.
Margaret said…
...and the dog scores! Yes, I too was hearing David Attenborough's accent.
Old Egg said…
Really funny, I was laughing all through.
Ileana said…
Disco mating and the round flat object for food. Will this be continued? I could've kept reading through dinner.
Maude Lynn said…
This is hilarious!