For You

This is for you, 
who never saw me at all.
This is for you, ladling out poisonous "forgiveness"
when I had done no crime.
This is for you, distraught
that "no in OUR family" had ever been like me.
(Don't bet on it.)
This is for you, with the fiction of me in your head,
who never existed anyplace else.
This is for you, who would rather I suffer for a life time
so that you can feel "comfortable."

This is for you, the friends who reached out
when I was scared,
when I was sad,
when I was not at my best,
when I really needed it. 
This is for you, who shared your own stories 
so that I would know I was not alone.
This is for you, who loved me before, and loved me after.
This is for you, who have never known me any other way.
This is for you, watching me,
as I once watched others
for their joy
for their beauty
for their fierce belief in their own lights.

And this is for me, God's own girl,
arriving back where I began,
at peace in the passing illusion of my own skin.

for this.


tonispencer said…
Perfect. This is for you dear friend who made footsteps for others to walk in.
Anmol (HA) said…
"at peace in the passing illusion of my own skin": Amen. Beautifully said. :-)
Margaret said…
This is for you who has forged a path for others.
Thotpurge said…
God's own girl... there's power and hope in that...and light.
Brendan said…
This benediction sings welcome home. How many tales of hateful god have we heard in the recovery rooms, only to find out that forgiving the past, loving friends and a clearer mirror go a long way to healing the divine. All of that plus forgetting what all the sexual fuss was about, anyway. Thanks for the helping hand.
Marian said…
It does read like a prayer. Love, love. xo
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, thank heaven for those who truly see us, and see us truly. I love "God's own girl", comfortable in her skin, and love Toni's comment, that you made footsteps for others to walk in.
brudberg said…
Love the passage to that end... needing those who really care is what makes that last stanza possible.
Vicki said…
Wonderfully said, Shay!
Helen said…
All of us, the lucky beneficiaries of having YOU.
Susie Clevenger said…
I am so grateful you walk in the light of who you are. I am thankful YOU are part of my day, my life.
Sioux Roslawski said…
The people in the first stanza? It's their loss.

Is there a circle of hell for folks like them? I wonder...
I love the love for self and others in this. Love you too, kiddo.
a said…
Thank God for you, poetry girl. Churning out more fiery verses in a tight or loosely bound form? I imagine you are about ready to publish again. Or garden, or travel, or do whatever the hell you want because you know you can.